Plenary Lectures
08:45 - 09:45
Plenary lecture: Characterization of residential indoor aerosols and their sources
Plenary speaker: Tunga Salthammer
Chairs: Joakim Pagels and Vladimír Zdímal
Room: Aula Magna
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Aerosol Processes and Properties
Sub-session 48:Laboratory and basic properties
Martin Gysel and Paul Zieger
Room: Aula Magna
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10:30-10:50 48AAP_O047
On the hygroscopicity of laboratory generated inorganic sea spray aerosol
P. Zieger, M.E. Salter, J. Acosta, J. Corbin, M. Gysel, E. Hamacher-Barth, M. Johnson, C. Leck, D. Nilsson, D. Partridge, N. Rastak, I. Riipinen, B. Rosati, J. Ström, O. Väisänen, A. Virtanen, and J. Werner
10:50-11:10 48AAP_O048
Hygroscopicity of aminium sulphates from comparative kinetics measurements in a cylindrical electrodynamic balance
G. Rovelli, R.E.H. Miles, S.L. Clegg, and J.P. Reid
11:10-11:30 48AAP_O049
Surfactant properties of water soluble nitro-aromatic compounds and their contribution to HULIS fraction of size segregated organic aerosols
S. Frka and I. Grgić
11:30-11:50 48AAP_O050
Single particle properties of glassy aerosol: water transport and viscosity
Y.-c. Song, A.M.J. Rickards, A. E. Haddrell, R.E.H. Miles, F.H. Marshall, and J.P. Reid
11:50-12:10 48AAP_O051
Compositions of biogenic SOA generated under different oxidation regimes in atmospheric simulation chamber experiments and comparison with field samples
I. Kourtchev, J.-F. Doussin, C. Giorio, B. Mahon, S. J. Fuller, N. Maurin, E. Pangui, E. M. Wilson, R. M. Healy, I. O’Connor, J. R. Sodeau, D. S. Venables, J. C. Wenger, J. Aalto, T. M. Ruuskanen, M. Kulmala, W. Maenhaut, and M. Kalberer
12:10-12:30 48AAP_O052
Identification, quantification, and volatility of compounds in the gas and particle phase during new particle formation events
C. Mohr, F. Lopez-Hilfiker, D. Covert, A. Lutz, M. Hallquist, R. Hillamo, and J. Thornton
12:30-12:50 48AAP_O053
Particle bounce and inferred viscosities of anthropogenic and biogenic SOA particles with ranging oxidation state
A. Virtanen, A. Pajunoja, R. Alfarra, A. Lambe, Y. Song, D. Topping, P. Davidovits, I. Riipinen, D. Worsnop, J. Reid, and G. McFiggans
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Specific Aerosol Types
Sub-session 49:Urban aerosol: Sources and impact on the air pollution
Xavier Querol and Imad El Haddad
Room: Aula U6-06
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10:30-10:50 49AAS_O042
Steelwork impact assessment into the local area based on three different approaches: Biomonitoring technique, PM10 monitoring and soil contamination
J. Lage, S.M. Almeida, and H.Th. Wolterbeek
10:50-11:10 49AAS_O041
Impact of industrial emissions on ambient aerosol particles concentrations: from sources profiles to receptor sites.
A. Sylvestre, A. Mizzi, S. Mathiot, B. Mesbah, J. Dron, G. Revenko, P. Chamaret, J.L. Jaffrezo, F. Canonaco, A. S. H. Prévôt, H. Wortham, and N. Marchand
11:10-11:30 49AAS_O043
Characterization of fresh and aged organic aerosol emissions from meat charbroiling
C. Kaltsonoudis, E. Kostenidou, E. Louvaris, M. Psichoudaki, E. Tsiligiannis, K. Florou, and S. N. Pandis
11:30-11:50 49AAS_O044
Kathmandu: a case study of urban pollution in South Asia.
S. Gilardoni, A. Marinoni, S. Sandrini, E. N. Kirillova, S. Decesari, D. Putero, P. Cristofanelli, E. Vuillermoz, A. Bhupesh, P. Bonasoni, and S. Fuzzi
11:50-12:10 49AAS_O045
Road dust profiles data set and non-exhaust traffic in Lombardy for PM10 and PM2.5: differences in chemical composition and number size distributions.
C. Colombi, A. Algieri, U. Dal Santo, and V. Gianelle
12:10-12:30 49AAS_O046
Anthropogenic and natural air pollutants in Rome: the influence of Saharan dust advection events
C. Struckmeier, F. Drewnick, F. Freutel, G.P. Gobbi and S. Borrmann
12:30-12:50 49AAS_O047
Mapping of ultrafine particle concentrations with high spatial and temporal resolution in the city of Zurich, Switzerland
M. Mueller, D. Hasenfratz, O. Saukh, M. Fierz, and C. Hueglin
Session: Aerosol-based Nanotechnology
Sub-session 50:Aerosol-based Nanotechnology 2
Sotiris E. Pratsinis and José Castillo
Room: Aula U6-07
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10:30-10:50 50ANT_O008
Numerical study of the efficiency of a facepiece filtering respirator using a model of an idealized spherical sampler with porous layer
S.K. Zaripov, I.T. Muhametzanov, A.K.Gilfanov, and S.A. Grinshpun
10:50-11:10 50ANT_O009
Generation of Indium antimony nanoparticles using spark discharge
L. Ludvigsson, M. Ghasemi, M. E. Messing, K. D. Thelander, J. Johansson, S.Gorji Ghalamestani, and K. Deppert
11:10-11:30 50ANT_O010
Selective sensing of NH3 by Si-doped α-MoO3 for breath analysis
A.T. Güntner, M. Righettoni, and S.E. Pratsinis
11:30-11:50 50ANT_O011
Production of photocatalytic nanostructured TiO2 powders by flame spray pyrolysis
L.G. Bettini, M.V. Dozzi, F. Della Foglia, G.L. Chiarello, E. Selli, P. Piseri, and P. Milani
11:50-12:10 50ANT_O012
Photocatalytic degradation of nitrogen oxides assisted by nanocrystalline TiO2
P. Ielpo, G. Lasorella, G. Mascolo, M.L. Curri, and R. Comparelli
12:10-12:30 50ANT_O013
Development of size controlled nanoparticle fabrication system using thermophoretic separation
B. Kim, D.-Y. Chung, J.-Y. Kim, J. Hwang, and D. Park
12:30-12:50 50ANT_O014
Depositing particles on a substrate during their liquid-like phase of growth
J. Feng, M. Messing, G. Biskos, and A. Schmidt-Ott
Session: Aerosol Chemistry
Sub-session 51:Elucidation of chemical mechanisms and transformation processes in aerosol
Harald Saathoff and Manabu Shiraiwa
Room: Aula U6-08
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10:30-10:50 51ACH_O034
Collection and investigation of individual freshly nucleated particles
Z. Németh, M. Pósfai, I. Nyirő-Kósa, and I. Salma
10:50-11:10 51ACH_O035
Size dependence of phase transitions in aerosol nanoparticles
Y. Cheng, H. Su, T. Koop, E. Mikhailov, and U. Pöschl
11:10-11:30 51ACH_O036
Viscosity Measurements of Single Aerosol Particles using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging
C. Fitzgerald, A. Athanasiadis, M. Kalberer, M. Kuimova, S. Botchway, A. Ward, and F. Pope
11:30-11:50 51ACH_O037
The Effect of Viscosity on Volatility and Reactivity of Organic Aerosol
F.H. Marshall, Y.C. Song, R.E.H. Miles, A.E. Haddrell, and J.P. Reid
11:50-12:10 51ACH_O038
Surface properties for atmospheric surfactant aqueous solutions and their variation with environmental parameters observed directly with synchrotron XPS
N.L. Prisle, G. Öhrwall, J. Werner, V. Ekholm, M.-M. Walz, and O. Björneholm
12:10-12:30 51ACH_O039
Development of a new method for the characterisation of atmospherically important organic radicals in the gas and particle phase
C. Giorio, S.J. Campbell, A.J. Wedlake, F. Tampieri, A. Tapparo, A. Barbon, A. Toffoletti, and M. Kalberer
12:30-12:50 51ACH_O040
Chemical Characterization and source investigations of PM10 in Central Europe with the MARGA
B. Stieger, G. Spindler, K. Müller, L. Poulain, A. Grüner, M. Wallasch, and H. Herrmann
Session: Instrumentation
Sub-session 52:Measurement Methods II
Christoph Asbach and Martin Fierz
Room: Aula U6-09
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10:30-10:50 52INS_O020
Application of a high-temperature dilution probe for measuring size distributions of ultrafine emission particles
F. Tettich, M. Richter, L. Keck, M. Pesch, and H. Grimm
10:50-11:10 52INS_O021
A DMA-Train for precision quantification of early nanoparticle growth
D. Stolzenburg and P.M. Winkler
11:10-11:30 52INS_O022
A New Certified Device for Measuring Tailpipe Number Concentrations of Solid Particulate Matter
J. Spielvogel, A. Avenido, J. Johnson, B. Osmondson, and H.-G. Horn
11:30-11:50 52INS_O023
An Inexpensive Tubular Precipitator for Aerosol Nanoparticle Segregation
S. Bezantakos, L. Huang, K. Barmpounis, M. Attoui, A. Schmidt-Ott, and G. Biskos
11:50-12:10 52INS_O024
Advantages of planar DMA’s for nanoparticle studies
A.Á. Carballido, D.Z. Pérez, R. Cuesta Barbado, M. Amo González, G. Fernández de la Mora,and J. Fernández de la Mora
12:10-12:30 52INS_O025
Dust detection with IASI measurements in the weather forecast
J. Letertre-Danczak and T. McNally
12:30-12:50 52INS_O026
SMPS measurements with high number concentrations at the upper size limit – introduction of a new correction method
H. Kaminski, B. Stahlmecke, C. Asbach, and T.A.J. Kuhlbusch
Session: SPECIAL SESSION: Polar Aerosol
Sub-session 53:Aerosol studies from flying and naval platform
Megan Willis and Ezio Bolzacchini
Room: Aula U6-01A
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10:30-10:50 53SPA_O013
Sources of aerosols in the Arctic troposphere identified during the 2013 ACCACIA campaign
J.D. Allan, D. Liu, B. Quennehen, G. Young, E. Darbyshire, P.I. Williams, J.W. Taylor, S. J.-B. Bauguitte, M.J. Flynn, M.W. Gallagher, K.N. Bower, H. Coe, J. Najera, J. D. Whitehead, L. J. Carpenter, R. Chance, S. J. Andrews, S. C. Hackenberg, G. McFiggans, and T.W. Choularton
10:50-11:10 53SPA_O014
Airborne single particle composition measurements in background and polluted air in the Arctic summer
F. Köllner, J. Schneider, H. Bozem, P. Hoor, M. Willis, J. Burkart, W.R. Leaitch, J. Abbatt, A. Herber, and S. Borrmann
11:10-11:30 53SPA_O015
Open ocean new particle formation in Antarctica
M. Dall Ó sto, R. Simo, D. Worsnop, D. Beddows, R.M. Harrison, P. Vaattovaara, J. Ovadnevaite, D. Ceburnis, and C. O D́ owd
11:30-11:50 53SPA_O016
Retrieval of aerosol single-scattering profiles based on synergy of in-situ and remote sensing techniques during iAREA campaigns in Ny-Alesund.
K.M. Markowicz, I.S. Stachlewska, C. Ritter, M. Chilinski, P. Makuch, R. Udisti, J. Lisok, M. Gausa, A. Rozwadowska, D. Gutowska, T. Petelski, and T. Zielinski
11:50-12:10 53SPA_O017
Airborne submicron aerosol composition measurements in the Arctic in spring 2014 during RACEPAC
C. Schulz, J. Schneider, H. Bozem, and S. Borrmann
12:10-12:30 53SPA_O018
Observations of Aerosol Composition in the Summertime Arctic
M. Willis, A. Lee, J. Burkart, F. Köllner, J. Schneider, H. Bozem, P.M. Hoor, A.B. Herber, W.R. Leaitch, and J. Abbatt
12:30-12:50 53SPA_O019
Aircraft observations of ultrafine particles and CCN in the Arctic summertime
J. Burkart, R. Leaitch, M. Willis, F. Koellner, J. Schneider, H. Bozem, P. Hoor, A. Herber, and J. Abbatt