Plenary Lectures
09:00 - 10:00
Plenary lecture: The potential of aerosol technology for structuring and characterizing multi-scale functional material
Plenary speaker: Gerhard Kasper
Chairs: José Castillo and Mansoo Choi
Room: Aula Magna
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Aerosol Processes and Properties
Sub-session 35:Aerosol cloud interactions and climate effects of aerosols
Claudia Mohr and Darrel Baumgardner
Room: Aula Magna
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10:30-10:50 35AAP_O034
Sensitivity studies of ice formation in convective clouds by using new particle dependant parameterizations of heterogeneous freezing processes.
K. Diehl and S.K. Mitra
10:50-11:10 35AAP_O035
Effect of black carbon on Radiation fog
Z. Maalick, T. Kühn, and S. Romakkaniemi
11:10-11:30 35AAP_O036
Effects of humidity on water uptake to freshly nucleated particles in a boreal forest
H. Wang, A. Pajunoja, L. Hao, P. Miettinen, J.S. Kim, M. Kulmala, T. Petäjä, and A. Virtanen
11:30-11:50 35AAP_O037
Aircraft and ground-based measurements of Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) in and over the Tropical Rain Forest of Amazonia
M. L. Krüger, T. Klimach, C. Pöhlker, A. Afchine, R. Albrecht, M. O. Andreae, P. Artaxo, H. M. J. Barbosa, S. Borrmann, M. A. Cecchini, Y. Cheng, A. Costa, M. Dollner, D. Fütterer, A. Jefferson, M. Krämer, L. A. T. Machado, S. Mertes, D. Sauer, J. Schneider, C. Schulz, A. Spanu, H. Su, R. Thalman, A. Walser J. Wang, B. Weinzierl, M. Wendisch, and U.Pöschl
11:50-12:10 35AAP_O038
Study of droplet activation in thin clouds using ground-based Raman lidar and ancillary remote sensors
M. Rosoldi, F. Madonna, P. Gumà Claramunt, and G. Pappalardo
12:10-12:30 35AAP_O039
Black carbon over Italian basin valleys (Po Valley, Terni Valley and Passiria Valley): direct radiative forcing, heating rate and feedbacks along vertical profiles
L. Ferrero, M. Castelli, B.S. Ferrini, M. Moscatelli, M.G. Perrone, G. Sangiorgi, G. Rovelli, L. D’Angelo, B. Moroni, F. Scardazza, G. Močnik, E. Bolzacchini and M. Petitta, and D. Cappelletti
12:30-12:50 35AAP_O040
Experimental and model-based determination of mineral dust radiative effects in the short- and long-wave spectral range at a Central Mediterranean site
S. Romano and M.R. Perrone
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Specific Aerosol Types
Sub-session 36:Urban aerosol: Properties, Evolution and Applications
Imre Salma and Manuel Dall'Osto
Room: Aula U6-06
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10:30-10:50 36AAS_O028
PM2.5 aerosol chemical composition and sources in China during extreme haze events
M. Elser, R.J. Huang, R. Wolf, I. El Haddad, J.G. Slowik, J.J. Cao, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prévôt
10:50-11:10 36AAS_O029
Local secondary processes and aging of aerosol in a heavily trafficked street canyon in central London (UK)
C. Giorio, A. Tapparo, M. Dall'Osto, D.C.S. Beddows, J.K. Esser-Gietl, R.M. Healy, and R.M. Harrison
11:10-11:30 36AAS_O030
Organic aerosol source apportionment by offline AMS over a full year in Marseille
C. Bozzetti, I. El Haddad, D. Salameh, N. Marchand, P. Fermo, R. Gonzalez, J.-L. Jaffrezo, K.R. Dällenbach, J.G. Slowik, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prévôt
11:30-11:50 3AAS_P092
Comparison of summer and winter highly time resolved submicron aerosol composition measured at a suburban site in Prague
L. Kubelová, P. Vodička, O. Makeš, J. Schwarz, and V. Ždímal
11:50-12:10 36AAS_O032
Physical and chemical properties of real exhaust particle emissions from city buses
L. Pirjola, A. Dittrich, J.V. Niemi, S. Saarikoski, A. Malinen, H. Kuuluvainen, H. Wihersaari, H. Timonen, A. Kousa, T. Rönkkö, and R. Hillamo
12:10-12:30 36AAS_O033
Contribution of local and transported atmospheric aerosol in a European air pollution hot-spot
N. Zikova, C. Leoni, J. Hovorka, J. Ondracek, and J. Schwarz
12:30-12:50 36AAS_O034
Evaluation of stone decay hazard due to PM pollution using an “Heritage Climatology” approach: the case study of Milan
M. Casati, G. Rovelli, G. Sangiorgi, L. D’Angelo, M.G. Perrone, C. Rizzi, E. Bolzacchini, and L. Ferrero
Cancelled 36AAS_O031
Relationship among meteorology, road traffic and PM10 concentrations in Madrid
P.J. Pérez-Martínez and R.M. Miranda
Session: Combustion Aerosols
Sub-session 37:Automotive engine emissions
James Whitehead and Svetlana Stevanovic
Room: Aula U6-07
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10:30-10:50 37COA_O013
Application of a validation method for remote sensing vehicle exhaust emissions: high emitter determination on soot, PM, and PN basis
A. Maggioni, S. Casadei, L. Ferrero, and F. Riccobono
10:50-11:10 37COA_O014
Thermal evolution and dynamic changes in diesel emission
T. Ajtai, M. Pintér, N. Utry, G. Kiss-Albert, G. Gulyás, Á. Berecky, G. Szabados, Z. Bozóki, and G. Szabó
11:10-11:30 37COA_O015
Evolution and characteristics of in-cylinder diesel soot
V.B. Malmborg, M. Shen, A.C. Eriksson, B. Waldheim, Y. Gallo, J. Martinsson, P. Nilsson, Ö. Andersson, B. Johansson, and J.H. Pagels
11:30-11:50 37COA_O016
Influence of biodiesel quota in the fuel and engine operation parameters on reactivity and structure of soot
M.N. Ess, H. Bladt N.P. Ivleva, and R. Niessner
11:50-12:10 37COA_O017
Diesel engine exhaust particle measurements using a particle size magnifier (PSM)
H. Kuuluvainen, E. Saukko, P. Karjalainen, P. Nousiainen, T. Karhu, L. Pirjola J. Keskinen, and T. Rönkkö
12:10-12:30 37COA_O018
Chamber measurements of light-duty diesel exhaust
J.D. Whitehead, M.R. Alfarra, J.D. Allan, R. Dunmore, K. Pereira, J. Hamilton, M.S. Alam, R.M. Harrison, and G. McFiggans
12:30-12:50 37COA_O019
The oxidative potential of gas phase and its relationship to the overall ROS emission and the composition of combustion precursors
S. Stevanovic, F.Hedayat, A.M.Pourkhesalian, M. Rahman, N.Nabi, R. J. Brown, and Z.D. Ristovski
Session: SPECIAL SESSION: Source Apportionment
Sub-session 38:Source apportionment advanced studies and comparison of models
Claudio Belis and Franco Lucarelli
Room: Aula U6-08
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10:30-10:50 38SSA_O001
Implementing multi-time approach in ME-2: results from PM2.5 sampling campaign in Florence (Italy)
A. Crespi, V. Bernardoni, G. Calzolai, F. Lucarelli, S. Nava, G. Valli, and R. Vecchi
10:50-11:10 38SSA_O002
Contribution of regional background aerosols to PM2.5 concentrations in the Po Valley in the summer season during the 2012 PEGASOS-SUPERSITO campaign
S. Decesari, M. Rinaldi, M. Paglione, S. Gilardoni, N. Zanca, V. Poluzzi, L. Poulain, R. Wolf, U. Baltensperger, T. Mentel, A. Kiendler-Scharr, K. Kiari, and S. Pandis
11:10-11:30 38SSA_O003
A comprehensive analysis of the rotational ambiguity of PMF solutions for ACSM data
F. Canonaco, Y. Sosedova, K. Dällenbach, I. El Haddad, C. Bozzetti, R. Fröhlich, J. G. Slowik, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prévôt
11:30-11:50 38SSA_O004
Wood burning as a main source of winter aerosol in residential district in proximity to a large automobile factory in Central Europe
J. Hovorka, P. Pokorná, P.K. Hopke, K.Křůmal, P. Mikuška, and M. Píšová
11:50-12:10 38SSA_O005
Variations in the chemical composition of the submicron aerosol and sources of its organic fraction at a regional background site of the Po Valley (Italy)
M. Bressi, C. A. Belis, F. Cavalli, J.-P. Putaud, R. Fröhlich, S. Martins dos Santos, E. Petralia, A. S. H. Prévôt, M. Berico, and A. Malaguti
12:10-12:30 38SSA_O006
Local and regional sources of submicron aerosol in the Po Valley during wintertime
S. Gilardoni, P. Massoli, M. Paglione, M. Rinaldi, M. C. Pietrogrande, V. Poluzzi, C. Carbone, V. Gianelle, C. Colombi, R. Hillamo, M. Aurela, M. C. Facchini, and S. Fuzzi
12:30-12:50 38SSA_O007
AIRUSE-LIFE+: Synergistic daily and hourly PM source apportionment in urban environments of Southern Europe
F. Lucarelli, S. Nava, G. Calzolai, M. Giannoni, M. Severi, R. Traversi, R. Udisti, X. Querol, F. Amato, A. Alastuey, A. Karanasiou, V.L. Gianelle, C. Colombi, C. Alves, D. Custódio, T. Nunes, M. Duarte, C. Pio, K. Eleftheriadis, E. Diapouli, M. Manousakas, S. Vratolis, P. Fetfatzis, and R. Harrison
Reserve paper 3SSA_P003
Rolling PMF analysis for a full-year source apportionment of organic aerosols
Y. Sosedova, F. Canonaco, R. Fröhlich, J.G. Slowik, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prévôt
Session: Aerosol-based Nanotechnology
Sub-session 39:Aerosol-based Nanotechnology 1
Johannes Ofner and George Biskos
Room: Aula U6-09
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10:30-10:50 39ANT_O001
Lifecycle of commercial photocatalytic nanocoatings: Nanoparticles aerosol emission during mechanical and environmental stresses application
N. Shandilya, O. Le Bihan, C. Bressot, and M. Morgeneyer
10:50-11:10 39ANT_O002
Thermal decomposition of a carbon nanotube/epoxy nanocomposite and resultant particle release
L. Schlagenhauf, Y.-Y. Kuo, Y.K. Bahk, F. Nüesch, and J. Wang
11:10-11:30 39ANT_O003
The toxicity mechanism of nanosized metal oxides is driven by NP physical-chemical properties and the modality of bio-interactions in human lung cells
P. Mantecca, E. Moschini, M. Camatini, G. Colombo, I. Dalle Donne, I. Perelshtein, and A. Gedanken
11:30-11:50 39ANT_O004
Novel optical approaches for studying biogenic nanoparticles
P. S. Bauer, H. Amenitsch, H. Peterlik, C. Rentenberger, and P. M. Winkler
11:50-12:10 39ANT_O005
Fractal geometry and effective density for agglomerates of airborne carbon nanotubes
Y.K. Bahk, S.C. Chen, and J. Wang
12:10-12:30 39ANT_O006
Weathering of an epoxy/CNT nanocomposite: Impact on abrasion, release and toxicity
L. Schlagenhauf, B. Kianfar, T. Buerki-Thurnherr, Y.-Y. Kuo, A. Wichser, F. Nüesch, P. Wick, and J. Wang
12:30-12:50 39ANT_O007
Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of nucleation-mode aerosol: New frontiers in image-based analysis of atmospheric nanoparticles
J. Ofner, K. A. Kamilli, T. Deckert-Gaudig, H. Lohninger, A. Held, V. Deckert, and B. Lendl
Session: Instrumentation
Sub-session 40:Miniaturized Equipment
Wladyslaw Szimansky and Oliver Bischof
Room: Aula U6-01A
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10:30-10:50 40INS_O007
Miniature electrical nanoparticle detector for simultaneous measurement of particle number, average size and lung-deposited surface area
D. Meier, D. Egli, P. Steigmeier, H. Burtscher, and M. Fierz
10:50-11:10 40INS_O008
Portable Nanoparticle Instrumentation based on Diffusion Charging for Oncoming Motor Vehicle Regulations
L. Cachón, R. Stich, S. Gerkens, and A. Brödel
11:10-11:30 40INS_O009
Field applicability of personal monitors for assessing worker exposure to airborne nanomaterials
C. Asbach, H. Kaminski, S. Beckmann, C. Monz, D. Dahmann, M. Fierz, S. Clavaguera, B. Faure, N. Dziurowitz, A. Meyer-Plath, B. Dettlaff, I. Iavicoli, L. Fontana, A.S. Fonseca, M. Viana, and A.M. Todea
11:30-11:50 40INS_O010
Towards PM Monitoring in Smartphones: Capacitive Single Microparticle Detection
M. Carminati, G. Ferrari, P. Ciccarella, E. Bianchi, G. Dubini, and M. Sampietro
11:50-12:10 40INS_O011
Comparability between portable and stationary instruments for urban air quality monitoring
M. Viana, I. Rivas, C. Reche, A. Fonseca, X. Querol , A. Alastuey, M. Álvarez-Pedrerol, and J. Sunyer
12:10-12:30 40INS_O012
Evaluation of a personal sampler for the assessment of mass-based exposure to airborne nanoparticles
S. Clavaguera, B. Faure, C. Brouard, H. Giraud, H. Dozol, A. Guiot, A.M. Todea, and C. Asbach
12:30-12:50 40INS_O013
Miniature rapid bioaerosol detection technique
I.E. Agranovski, O. Usacheva, and E.V. Usachev
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Aerosol Processes and Properties
Sub-session 41:Transport and transformation, processes
Annele Virtanen and Paul Zieger
Room: Aula Magna
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14:00-14:20 41AAP_O041
Exploring air mass source identification using data from surface in situ aerosol monitoring stations
M. Fiebig, G.H. Hansen, C.R. Lunder, A. Stohl, R.L. Thompson, K.E. Yttri, and W. Aas
14:20-14:40 41AAP_O042
The impact of anthropogenic emissions on the otherwise pristine Amazonian rainforest: Insights on aerosol dynamics as observed during GoAmazon2014/5
J. Brito, G. Cirino, L. V. Rizzo, B. Holanda, S. Carbone, H. Barbosa, F. Ditas, C. Pöhlker, X. Chi, M. L. Krüger, D. Moran, J. Saturno, M. O. Andreae, S. S. de Sá, Y. J. Liu, S. T. Martin, R. Souza, J. Wang, B. B. Palm, J. L. Jimenez, and P. Artaxo
14:40-15:00 41AAP_O043
Ammonia evaluation in the Po Valley during the last 7 years and its role in the PM secondary formation
C. Colombi, R. Cosenza, and V. Gianelle
15:00-15:20 41AAP_O044
Aerosol properties within the convective cloud-topped Planetary Boundary Layer above the megacity of Athens, Greece
A. Argyrouli, A. Papayannis, I. Binietoglou, P. Kokkalis, P. Fetfatzis, A. Bougiatioti, V. Amiridis, D. Müller, and A. Nenes
15:20-15:40 41AAP_O045
Broad supersaturation scanning CPC applied as a nano-CCN counter for size-resolved analysis of the hygroscopicity and chemical composition of nanoparticles
Z. B. Wang, H. Su, X. Wang, N. Ma, A. Wiedensohler, U. Pöschl, and Y. Cheng
15:40-16:00 41AAP_O046
A reference data set for validating vapour pressure measurement techniques: Homologous series of polyethylene glycols
U.K. Krieger, C. Marcolli, and F. Siegrist
Reserve paper 3AAP_P142
Evolution of organic aerosol during transport observed at Mt. Cimone (2165 m asl), Italy, during PEGASOS
M. Rinaldi, S. Gilardoni, S. Decesari, S. Fuzzi, P. Cristofanelli, P. Bonasoni, V. Poluzzi, P. Massoli, and M.C. Facchini
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Specific Aerosol Types
Sub-session 42:Marine/urban
Silvia Becagli and Claudio Mazzoleni
Room: Aula U6-06
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14:00-14:20 42AAS_O035
Organic aerosol characterization and source apportionment at Mace Head coastal station
M. Rinaldi, M. Paglione, S. Decesari, M.C. Facchini, J. Ovadnevaite, D. Ceburnis, and C.D. O’Dowd
14:20-14:40 42AAS_O036
A marine source of biogenic atmospheric ice nucleating particles
T.W. Wilson, L.A. Ladino, P.A. Alpert, M.N. Breckels, I.M. Brooks, J. Browse, S.M. Burrows, K.S. Carslaw, J.A. Huffman, C. Judd, W.P. Kilthau, R.H. Mason, G. McFiggans, L.A Miller, J. Najera, E. Polishchuk, S. Rae, C.L. Schiller, M. Si, J. Vergara Temprado, T.F. Whale, J.P.S. Wong, O. Wurl, J.D. Yakobi-Hancock, J.P.D. Abbatt, J.Y. Aller, A.K. Bertram, D.A. Knopf, and B.J. Murray
14:40-15:00 42AAS_O037
Environmental and health benefits from designating the Marmara Sea and the Turkish Straits as an emission control area (ECA)
M. Viana, N. Fann, A. Tobías, X. Querol, D. Rojas-Rueda, A. Plaza, G. Aynos, and C. Fernández
15:00-15:20 42AAS_O038
Submicron aerosol measurement over the sea around the Korean Peninsula
M. Park, S. S. Yum, J. H. Kim, and N. Kim
15:20-15:40 42AAS_O039
Aerosol Chemistry Between Two Oceans: Auckland’s Urban Aerosol
G. Coulson, G. Olivares, J. Salmond, and N. Talbot
15:40-16:00 42AAS_O040
AIRUSE-LIFE+: Contribution of biomass burning to ambient PM2.5 in 5 Southern European cities.
V. Gianelle, C. Colombi, E. Cuccia, U. Dal Santo, C.A. Alves, C. Pio, D. Custódio, F. Lucarelli, G. Calzolai, S. Nava, K. Eleftheriadis, L. Diapouli, F. Amato, A. Karanasiou, and X. Querol
Session: Combustion Aerosols
Sub-session 43:Ship, aircraft and automotive engine emissions
Ismael Ortega and Prem Lobo
Room: Aula U6-07
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14:00-14:20 43COA_O020
Chemical characterization of volatile organic compounds emitted by aircraft engines
A. Setyan, Y.-Y. Kuo, B.T. Brem, L. Durdina, A.C. Gerecke, N.V. Heeb, and J. Wang
14:20-14:40 43COA_O021
Gas and particle composition and properties of photochemically aged ship plumes using chemical ionization and aerosol mass spectrometry
M. Psichoudaki, C. Faxon, H. Kuuluvainen, R. Thomson, A. Eriksson, J. Mallqvist, J. Pettersson, Å. Hallquist, B. Svenningsson, A. Kristensson, and M. Hallquist
14:40-15:00 43COA_O022
Chemical and structural characterization of airplane soot and surrogates
I. K. Ortega, C. Irimiea, B. Chazallon, Y. Carpentier, M. Ziskind, C. Pirim, A. Faccinetto, E. Therssen, F. X. Ouf, F. Salm, D. Delhaye, D. Gaffié, J. Yon, D. Ferry, and C. Focsa
15:00-15:20 43COA_O023
Impact of alternative fuel blend ratios on the Non-volatile PM Emissions of an Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit
P. Lobo, S. Christie, B. Kandelwal, S. Blakey, D. Hagen, P. Whitefield, and D. Raper
15:20-15:40 1COA_P016
Internal combustion engines are still the dominant source of nanoparticles in residential neighborhoods
M. Vojtisek, M. Pechout, L. Dittrich, M. Fenkl, and J. Stolcpartova
15:40-16:00 43COA_O025
Gas Turbine Engine PM Exhaust Spatial Non-Uniformity
D.E. Hagen, P D. Whitefield, and P. Lobo
Session: Aerosol Chemistry
Sub-session 44:Heterogeneous and multiphase chemistry of aerosols
Manabu Shiraiwa and Andreas Tilgner
Room: Aula U6-08
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14:00-14:20 44ACH_O028
Heterogeneous reactions of ozone and hydroxyl radicals with commonly used pesticides adsorbed on particles
J. Socorro, A. Durand, B. Temime-Roussel, S. Ravier, S. Gligorovski, H. Wortham, and E. Quivet
14:20-14:40 3ACH_P062
Formation of reactive oxygen species by secondary organic aerosols formed from ozonolysis of monoterpenes
H.J. Tong, A.M. Arangio, F.B. Liu, C. Kampf, U. Pöschl, and M. Shiraiwa
14:40-15:00 44ACH_O030
Multiphase chemical kinetics of ozone uptake on organic aerosol particles in glassy solid, semi-solid and liquid phase state
T. Berkemeier, S.S. Steimer, U. Pöschl, M. Ammann, and M. Shiraiwa
15:00-15:20 44ACH_O031
Effect of atmospheric processing on nutrient solubility in coal fly ash
N. Davidson, F. Pope, and Z. Shi
15:20-15:40 44ACH_O032
A New Aerosol Source from Photochemistry at the Ocean Microlayer
P. A. Alpert, R. Ciuraru, F. Bernard, S. Rossignol, M. Passananti, L. Tinel, S. Perrier, Y. Dupart, S. S. Steimer, M. Ammann, and C. George
15:40-16:00 44ACH_O033
Fate of aromatic pollutants in the atmospheric waters and ecological perspective of their aging
A. Kroflič, M. Grilc and I. Grgić
Cancelled 44ACH_O029
Exploring multi-phase processing of secondary organic aerosol in the atmosphere
C. Knote, A. Hodzic, and B. Aumont
Session: Aerosol Modelling
Sub-session 45:Global and large scale modelling
Alexandra Tsimpidi and Elisabetta Vignati
Room: Aula U6-09
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14:00-14:20 45AMO_O020
Investigating the regional scale impacts of amine-sulphuric acid nucleation
J. Julin, B.N. Murphy, T. Olenius, O. Kupiainen-Määttä, L. Ahlm, S. Falahat, D. Patoulias, C. Fountoukis, H. Vehkamäki, S.N. Pandis, and I. Riipinen
14:20-14:40 45AMO_O021
Modelling results on neutral and ion-induced nucleation in the free troposphere based on CERN CLOUD data
H. Gordon, J. Almeida, K. Carslaw, K. Sengupta, E. Dunne, and the CLOUD collaboration
14:40-15:00 45AMO_O022
Aerosol particle representation in a regional climate model: validation of and constraints on optical properties with monitored data
R.M. Garland, H.M. Horowitz, N. Xulu, M. Thatcher, J. van der Merwe, G.T. Feig, S.J. Piketh, and F. Engelbrecht
15:00-15:20 45AMO_O023
Contribution of biomass burning and fuel combustion emissions and their chemical aging to global organic aerosol budget
A.P. Tsimpidi, V.A. Karydis, S.N. Pandis, and J. Lelieveld
15:20-15:40 45AMO_O024
Evaluation of particulate matter (PM) simulation ability in Central Europe by a regional chemistry-transport model: COSMO-MUSCAT
Y. Chen, R. Wolke, W. Birmili, G. Spindler, and A. Wiedensohler
15:40-16:00 45AMO_O025
A modelling system to evaluate the concentration of PM2.5 and its major chemical components in Tuscany Region in the framework of PATOS project
F. Calastrini, C. Busillo, F. Guarnieri, G. Messeri, S. Nava, F. Lucarelli, S. Becagli, and R. Udisti
Session: Instrumentation
Sub-session 46:New Instrumentation
Marc Stettler and Tibor Ajtai
Room: Aula U6-01A
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14:00-14:20 46INS_O014
A new method for composition specific, single particle differentiation using dual-wavelength light scattering
Zs. Jurányi, E. Weingartner, M. Loepfe, M. Nenkov, and H. Burtscher
14:20-14:40 46INS_O015
Method for Size-Resolved Chemical Analysis of Nano-Aerosol Particles
A. Wagner, C. Fuchs, A. Bergen, M. Simon, M. Heinritzi, M. Ernst, J. Hoker, J. Curtius, and A. Kürten
14:40-15:00 46INS_O016
PoCAMon - Personal Online Continuous Airmonitor not only for Radon and Thoron decay products
T. Streil and V. Oeser
15:00-15:20 1INS_P015
A new facility for cross-disciplinary research in the high Arctic
A. Massling, R. Bossi, J.K. Nøjgaard, L.L. Sørensen, I.E. Nielsen, B. Jensen, J.H. Lau, M. Rasch, and H. Skov
15:20-15:40 46INS_O018
Calibrating Particle Size Magnifier for number size distribution measurements in the 1-3nm size range
J. Vanhanen, J. Kangasluoma, M. Attoui, and M. Väkevä
15:40-16:00 46INS_O019
Measuring sub-3 nm neutral cluster distributions using a novel DMA technique, the GANS
A. Franchin, S. López-Vidal, P. Dohányosová, H.E. Manninen, K. Lehtipalo, J. Vanhanen, T. Petäjä, E. Ramiro, and M. Kulmala
Reserve paper 3INS_P054
Handheld personal airborne nanoparticle detector CANTOR – performance test
H.S. Wasisto, S. Merzsch, A. Waag, E. Peiner, and E. Uhde
Cancelled 46INS_O017
Characterization of a robust sub-3 nm nanoparticle source
J. Kangasluoma, M. Attoui, H. Junninen, F. Korhonen, N. Sarnela, A. Schmidt-Ott, D. Worsnop, M. Kulmala, and T. Petäjä
Session: PMx
Sub-session 47:AIRUSE LIFE+ and Source apportionment
John Wenger and Roy Harrison
Room: Aula U6-01F
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14:00-14:20 47PMX_O021
AIRUSE LIFE+: Review of the efficiency of major air quality measures for road traffic in Europe for abatement of particulate matter
R.M. Harrison, C. Holman, and X. Querol
14:20-14:40 47PMX_O022
AIRUSE-LIFE+: A harmonized PM speciation and source apportionment of ambient PM in five Southern European cities
X. Querol, F. Amato, A. Alastuey, A. Karanasiou, F. Lucarelli, S. Nava, G. Calzolai, M. Severi, S. Becagli, V.L. Gianelle, C. Colombi, C. Alves, D. Custódio, T. Nunes, M. Cerqueira, C. Pio, K. Eleftheriadis, L. Diapouli, M. Manousakas, T. Maggos, S. Pateraki, D. Saraga, and R. Harrison
14:40-15:00 47PMX_O023
AIRUSE LIFE+: Natural contributions to urban PM in Southern Europe and strategies to minimise human exposure
K. Eleftheriadis, E. Diapouli, S. Vratolis, M. Manousakas, V. Vasilatou, D. Saraga, S. Pateraki, T. Maggos, X. Querol, F. Amato, A. Alastuey, A. Karanasiou, F. Lucarelli, S. Nava, G. Calzolai, M. Severi, S. Becagli, V.L. Gianelle, C. Colombi, C. Alves, D. Custódio, T. Nunes, M. Cerqueira, and C. Pio
15:00-15:20 47PMX_O024
PM2.5 source apportionment in the Po Valley: a 4 city study in Emilia-Romagna region
F. Scotto, I. Ricciardelli, D. Bacco, A. Vagheggini, A. Trentini, S. Ferrari, V. Poluzzi, C. Maccone, and R. Vecchi
15:20-15:40 47PMX_O025
Chemical composition and source apportionment of PM2.5 at kerbside, London, UK
D.C. Green, A.H. Tremper, M. Priestman, S.H. Hamad, and F. Canonaco
15:40-16:00 47PMX_O026
Contribution of solid fuel burning to PM2.5 in residential areas of Ireland
I.P. O'Connor, E.J. McGillicuddy, J. Arndt, P.C. Buckley, R.M. Healy, S. Hellebust, I. Iskra, G. Močnik, J.R. Sodeau, and J.C. Wenger
Reserve paper 1PMX_P004
AIRUSE-LIFE+: Are industrial emissions inventories accurate enough to develop air quality plans?
E. Monfort, V. Sanfelix, I. Celades, S. Gomar, X. Querol, F. Amato, and A. Karanasiou
Poster Session
Session: Aerosol Chemistry

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Characteristics of the particle refining in thermal plasma process
B. Kim, D.-Y. Chung, D. Park, J. Hwang, and J.-Y. Kim
Determination of low molecular weight organic acids at a forest site in North-eastern Bavaria
S. Katkevica, J. Simon, and A. Held
New particle formation and aerosol chemistry in a hypersaline environment
A. Held, K.A. Kamilli, J. Ofner, and P. Schmitt-Kopplin
Quantification and characterization of HULIS – comparison between ambient aerosols and wood combustion emissions
M. Kistler, A. Kadnar, E.C. Cetintas, J. Ofner, G. Reichert, C. Schmidl, and A. Kasper-Giebl
Modelling secondary organic aerosol formation and aging for three completely different simulation chambers
K.-H. Naumann, G. McFiggans, A. Muñoz, and H. Saathoff
Markers of reaction products from the photochemical reaction of gas phase PAHs in the real ambient air
H.B. Lim, N.R. Choi, Y.G. Ahn, Y.P. Kim, and J.Y. Lee
Secondary Organic Aerosol from benzene and D6-benzene
S.H. Schmitt, T.F. Mentel, J. Wildt, E. Kleist, I.Pullinen, Y. Liu, B. Wang, D. Zhao, and A. Kiendler-Scharr
Single particle measurements of organic aerosols from biogenic precursors
S.R. Zorn, S.H. Trimborn, T. Mentel, J. Wildt, and A.M. Trimborn
How chemistry affects SOA hygroscopicity
A.L. Vogel, C. Müller-Tdautges, M.L. Krüger, D. Rose, J. Schneider, G.J. Phillips, U. Makkonen, H. Hakola, J.N. Crowley, U. Pöschl, and T. Hoffmann
Photooxidation of naphthalene and 2-methylnaphthalene: acidity, humidity and seed aerosol effects on chemical mechanisms
S. Tomaz, M. Riva, T. Cui, K. Le Menach, A. Gold, A. Albinet, H. Budzinski, E. Perraudin, J.D. Surratt and E. Villenave
Investigation on elemental composition of Secondary Organic Aerosol from a-Pinene using 15 T FT-ICR-MS
H.J. Lim, J.H. Park, J.A. Kang, S.J. Baek, and H.S. Kim
Slow evaporation of a-pinene SOA - volatility, particle phase mass transport and vapor wall losses
T. Yli-Juuti, A. Pajunoja, C. Faiola, O. Väisänen, E. Kari, L. Hao, O. Peräkylä, O. Garmash, M. Ehn, and A. Virtanen
Chemical reaction for secondary organic aerosol formation in salon – A case study in Taiwan
W.K. Chen and M.F. Liu
Carboxylic acid oxidation products from limonene ozonolysis and their role in SOA formation
J. Hammes, A. Lutz, C. Faxon, R. Pathak, T. Mentel, and M. Hallquist
Calculation of partitioning coefficients for organic acids
A. Lutz, C. Mohr, F. D. Lopez-Hilfiker, J. A. Thornton, and M. Hallquist
Seasonal variation of aerosol chemical composition in the boreal forest
L. Heikkinen, M. Äijälä, M. Ehn, T. Petäjä, M. Kulmala, and D. Worsnop
Study of in-situ SOA formation and chemistry using an oxidation flow reactor
P. Campuzano-Jost, B.B. Palm, D.A. Day, W.i Hu, J.C. Schroder, A.M. Ortega, J.L. Jimenez, S.S. de Sá, R. Seco, J.-H. Park, A. Guenther, S. Kim, J. Brito, F. Wurm, P. Artaxo, R. Thalman, J. Wang, L. Kaser, W. Jud, T. Karl, A. Hansel, J. Hunter, J. Kroll, L. Hacker, A. Kiendler-Scharr, L. Yee, G. Isaacman, A. Goldstein, R. Souza, A.O. Manzi, O. Vega, J. Tota, M.K. Newburn, M.L. Alexander, S. Martin, andW.H. Brune
Thermodynamics of the formation of sulfuric acid dimers in the binary (H2SO4-H2O) and ternary (H2SO4-H2O-NH3) system
A. Kürten, S. Münch, F. Bianchi, J.Dommen, J. Duplissy, S. Ehrhart, T. Jokinen, H. Junninen, A. Praplan, L. Rondo, N. Sarnela, S. Schobesberger, M. Simon, M. Sipilä, U. Baltensperger, J. Kirkby, M. Kulmala, D.W. Worsnop, J. Curtius, and the CLOUD collaboration
Volatility of organic aerosol from heavy fuel oil combustion in a ship research engine and associated secondary organic aerosol formation potential
S.M. Pieber, I. El Haddad, J.C. Corbin, J. Orasche, B. Stengel, P. Eichler, Y. Zhao, G.C. Ciarelli, J.G. Slowik, B. Miljevic, F. Klein, N.K. Kumar, M. Zanatta, A. Mensah, A. Robinson, N. Donahue, M. Müller, A. Wisthaler, R. Zimmermann, M. Gysel, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prévôt
Atmospheric absorption by Brown Carbon aerosols generated from gaseous PAH photooxidation
S. Tomaz, M. Riva, T. Cui, A. Gold, E. Perraudin, J.D. Surratt, and E. Villenave
NOx dependency of HOM formation in chamber studies
I. Pullinen, J. Wildt, E. Kleist, M. Ehn, C. Wu, A. Wahner, and Th.F. Mentel
Conversion of primary aerosol from Spruce wood combustion in a smog chamber
T. Miersch, H. Czech, O. Sippula, A. Leskinen, P. Yli-Pirilä, T. Streibel, and R. Zimmermann
Measurement of NO2 photodissociation rate in Central Taiwan
C.H. Lai, Y.L. Wu, C.H. Lin, and S. H. Yeh
Ozone estimation model in Portugal: urban and rural behaviour
J.M. Fernández-Guisuraga, A. Castro, C. Alves, A. Calvo, E. Alonso-Blanco, D. Bermejo, and R. Fraile
Crystallization kinetics of inhalable size amorphous salbutamol as a function of relative humidity and temperature
S. Zellnitz, O. Narygina, C. Resch, H. Schroettner, and A. Paudel
Characterization of a flow tube reactor used for gas-to-particle conversion studies
T. Vogl, J. Ortega, A. Held, and J. Smith
Chemical composition of radiolytically formed particles using aerosol mass spectrometry
A. Wonaschuetz, P. Kallinger, W. Szymanski, and R. Hitzenberger
Organic coating of sea-salt aerosol particles: a molecular perspective
J. Lovrić, S. Briquez , D. Duflot, M. Monnerville, B .Pouilly, and C. Toubin
Semi-continuous OC/EC measurement in SORPES station, Nanjing, China
X. Chi and Y.J.Xie
Profiling of 3-hydroxy fatty acids as environmental markers of lipopolysaccharide (endotoxin) using liquid chromatography coupled to tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry
S. Uhlig, M. Negård, K.K. Heldal, A. Straumfors, L. Madsø, B. Bakke, and W. Eduard
Simultaneous determination of hydrogen sulphide and methyl mercaptan via “click”-reaction with ethyl propiolate
S. Uhlig, M. Negård, F. Rise, B. Bakke, and K.K. Heldal
Thermodynamic and physical explanation of mass accommodation coefficient reduction on organic coated surfaces: A molecular dynamic study
G. Ergin and S. Takahama
Poster Session
Session: Combustion Aerosols

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Investigations of laser aerosols during different types of laser processing
S. Blei, R. Heidenreich, D. Kesslau, and N. Schilling
Measurement cell for soot reactivity determination and simultaneous observation of changes in the soot structure by Raman microspectroscopy
M.N. Ess, B. Grob, N.P. Ivleva, and R. Niessner
Particle emissions from LNG and other low sulphur marine fuels
M. Anderson, K. Salo, and E. Fridell
Characteristics of PM emissions from coal combustion
M.L.M. Barabad and D. Park
Nanoparticles formation in coal mines and their explosion hazard
S.V. Valiulin, S.N. Dubtsov, A.M. Baklanov, V.V. Zamashchikov, A.A. Korzhavin, A.A. Onischuk, D.Yu. Paleev, P.A. Purtov, V.I. Klishin, A.E. Kontorovich, and S.A. Trubachev
Simple sampling method for type testing of PM emissions from small-scale wood combustion appliances
H. Lamberg, J. Tissari, J. Pyykönen, O. Sippula, J. Ruusunen, M. Ihalainen, and J. Jokiniemi
Study on the aging of log wood combustion aerosols using aerosol mass spectrometer
P. Tiitta, O. Sippula, J. Tissari, H. Lamberg, K. Kuuspalo, M. Kortelainen, J. Grigonyte, L. Hao, P. Yli-Pirilä, A. Kortelainen, A. Virtanen, A. Leskinen, K. Lehtinen, T., Onasch, D. Worsnop, H. Czech, R. Zimmermann, and J. Jokiniemi
Contribution of combustion sources to Black Carbon in Milan (Italy)
S. Gilardoni, M. Paglione, S. De Iuliis, F. Migliorini, V. Gianelle, C. Colombi, G. Lonati, S. Ozgen, M. C. Facchini, and S. Fuzzi
Novel photo-oxidation tube reactor for simulation of the atmospheric aging of combustion emissions
M. Ihalainen, P. Tiitta, P. Yli-Pirilä, M. Kortelainen, J. Grigonyte, A. Hartikainen, A. Leskinen, J. Leskinen, R. Zimmermann, J. Jokiniemi, and O. Sippula
ACSM study to assess possible municipal solid waste incineration in household stoves
M. Maasikmets, H-L. Kupri, E. Teinemaa, K. Vainumäe, T. Arumäe, and V. Kimmel
Measurements of particulates and gas phase precursors emissions from fresh ship plumes during the Big Glenn 2014 Campaign
C. Faxon, M. Psichoudaki, H. Kuuluvainen, E.S. Thomson, A. Eriksson, A. Kristensson, B. Svenningsson, J. Mellqvist, Å. Hallquist, K. Salo, M. Hallquist, and J. Pettersson
PM emissions measurements and size distribution in a turbojet engine test facility
V. Archilla, J. Rodriguez-Maroto, M. Izquierdo, E. Rojas, D. Sanz, M. Johnson, M. Pujadas, and R. Díaz
Characterisation of particulate bound PAHs emitted from aircraft turbofan engines
V. Archilla, J. Rodríguez-Maroto, M. Izquierdo, S. García-Alonso, R.M. Pérez-Pastor, E. Rojas, D. Sanz, M. Pujadas, and M. Johnson
Wood combustion aerosols from short rotation coppice grown on contaminated areas of sewage farms
J. Orasche, R. Abdulla, T. Seidel, H. Ruppert, H. Hartmann, and R. Zimmermann
Characteristics of biomass combusted carbonaceous aerosol in chamber using GC/MS
M.-S. Bae, D.-J. Park, S.-S. Park, K.-Y. Lee, and K.-H. Park
On road stationary measurements of vehicle emissions
L. Possenti, F. Riccobono, S. Casadei, A. Maggioni, I. Jezek, G. Mocnik, E. Bolzacchini, and L. Ferrero
Poster Session
Session: PMx

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AIRUSE-LIFE+: Are industrial emissions inventories accurate enough to develop air quality plans?
E. Monfort, V. Sanfelix, I. Celades, S. Gomar, X. Querol, F. Amato, and A. Karanasiou
Estimation of emission factor of wind-generated PM from open areas using a portable mini wind tunnel
J.-H. Lee, H.-R. Kim, S. Han, and Y.-W. Jung
PM10 concentrations in the urban area of Volos, Greece
G.T. Proias, P.T. Nastos, and A.G. Paliatsos
Refinig the geographical origins of fine particulate pollution in Paris, France
J.-E. Petit, O. Favez, J. Sciare, V. Crenn, G. Mocnik, and E. Leoz-Garziandia
Increment of PM10 and CO2 during the rush hour in the underground subway station
S.-B. Kwon, S.-J. Bae,T.-S. Oh, J. Song, D. Park, and W. Jeong
Density assessment method of chemical components in urban submicron aerosol particles
J. Šakalys, D. Valiulis, E. Meinorė, V. Dudoitis, K. Kvietkus, and V. Ulevičius
PM10 metal composition and air mass origin at a coastal industrial site
M.A. Barrero, J.A.G. Orza, M. Cabello, and L. Cantón
Temporal trends of atmospheric PM10 levels in Atlantic Western Europe
M.A. Barrero, J.A.G. Orza, M. Cabello, and L. Cantón
Analysis of a PM high pollution episode under high humidity conditions
F. Lollobrigida, M. Sacco, M. M. Grosa, S. Bande, and A. Pannocchia
PM1 composition in an urban site in Venice (Italy): seasonal differences, relationship with meteorological condition and source identification
S. Squizzato, C. Agostini, M. Masiol, F. Visin, G. Formenton, R.M. Harrison, and G. Rampazzo
PM2.5 features variability among three warm seasons (2012, 2013, 2014) in the same urban background site in Po Valley
D. Bacco, F. Scotto, A. Trentini, S. Ferrari, G. Bonafè, C. Zigola, and I. Ricciardelli
Geochemical characterization of fine particulate matter (PM2.5): comparison between an urban and an airport site in Treviso (Veneto - Italy)
S. Squizzato, M. Cazzaro, F. Visin, S. Sollecito, D. Bassano, and G. Rampazzo
ZeFir, a new integrated tool for wind sector apportionment by Non-parametric Wind Regression
J.-E. Petit, O. Favez, F. Canonaco, A. Ockler, T. Amodeo, and J. Sciare
Study of air pollution in the proximity of a waste incinerator
V. Barrera, G. Calzolai, M. Chiari, F. Lucarelli, S. Nava, S. Becagli, D. Frosini, M. Giannoni, R. Traversi, and R. Udisti
Removal of particulate matter in wet flue gas desulfurization system
J. Zhang, C.J. Li, C. H. Zheng, and X. Gao
Spatial distribution and potential sources of trace elements in PM10 monitored in urban and rural sites of Piedmont Region
M. Malandrino, E. Padoan, A. Giacomino, M.M. Grosa, F. Lollobrigida, S. Martini, and O. Abollino
PM characterization in a high mountain site during 2014
E. Yubero, N. Galindo, R. Castañer, J. Giménez, J.F. Nicolás, S. Caballero , M. Varea, J. Gil-Moltó, C. Pastor, and J. Crespo
Tracers of traffic emissions in urban aerosols: application of Zn isotopes for source fingerprinting
R. Ochoa Gonzalez, S. Strekopytov, F. Amato, X. Querol, C. Reche, and D. Weiss
Poster Session
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Aerosol Processes and Properties

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Deliquescence and crystallization of aerosol in the Po Valley: measurements, comparison with model outputs and applications
L. Ferrero, L. D’Angelo, G. Rovelli, M. Casati, M.G. Perrone, G. Sangiorgi, and E. Bolzacchini
Megacity levels of Black and Brown Carbon in Valparaiso, Chile: A toxic mix of bus, truck, ship, industrial and wood burning emissions
G. B. Raga, J. Marin, D, Baumgardner, A. M. Cordova, J. Arevalo, and D. Pozo
Seasonal variation of airborne particles characteristics and sources in Beijing during 2010/2011
R. Shen, K. Schäfer, J. Schnelle-Kreis, L. Shao, S. Norra, U. Kramar, B. Michalke, G. Abbaszade, T. Streibel, M. Fricker, Y.i Wang, Y. Chen, R. Zimmermann, S. Emeis, and H.P. Schmid
Analysis of physical and chemical properties on stagnant haze events of megacity in Korea
J.W. Cha, J.E. Kim, S. Song, H.-J. Lee, and S.B. Ryoo
IMAA (Integrated Measurements of Aerosol in Agri valley) campaign close to the biggest European oil/gas pre-treatment plant
M. Calvello, R. Caggiano, F. Esposito, A. Lettino, M. Lorusso , S.Trippetta, and G. Pavese
An investigation into the particle size distribution collected from an automotive brake caliper test rig
T.V. Vu, D.C.S Beddows, P. Sanderson, J.M. Delgado-Saborit, O. Olatunbosun, M. Crooks, and R.M. Harrison
Characteristics of concentrations and metal compositions for fine and coarse particles in central Taiwan during a winter episode of elevated particulate matters
Y.-C. Chen, C.-Y. Hsu, M.-J. Chen, and H.-C. Chiang
Water content and pH of Aerosols over the Eastern Mediterranean
P. Nikolaou, A. Bougiatioti, I. Stavroulas, A. Nenes, N. Mihalopoulos, and M. Kanakidou
Morphology, mixing state and aging of biomass burning particles
G. Girotto, S. China, A. Aiken, R.l Huempfner, K. Gorkowski, M. Dubey, and C. Mazzoleni
Microbial aerosol characteristics in highly polluted and pristine environments
K. Wei, Y. Zheng, J. Li, F. Shen, Z. Zou, H. Fan, C.-y. Wu, and M. Yao
Molecular dynamics simulations of the interaction between organic acid aggregates and water molecules
B. Radola, D. Vardanega, P. Jedolvszky, and S. Picaud
Physico-chemical characterization of aerosol sampled in a remote background station during an intense and prolonged event of long range transport
C. Petroselli, B. Moroni, S. Castellini, S. Crocchianti, R. Selvaggi, G. Calzolai, S. Nava, F. Lucarelli, and D. Cappelletti
Chemical characterisation of the aerosol at a background site in southern England with emphasis on the organic fraction and nitrogen compounds
C.F. Di Marco, B. Langford, J. Lingard, M. Twigg, and E. Nemitz
Ozone, aerosols and UV radiation during high intensity pyrotechnic displays
S. Caballero, N. Galindo, R. Castañer, J. Giménez, J.F. Nicolás, E. Yubero, M. Varea, J. Gil-Moltó, C. Pastor, and J. Crespo
Seasonal dynamics of aerosol size distribution, number concentration and gaseous pollutants in Prague center
C. Leoni and J. Hovorka
Role of the ionic and carbonaceous fractions in aerosol conductivity
G. Rovelli, L. D’Angelo, M. Casati, L. Ferrero, M.G. Perrone, G. Sangiorgi, and E. Bolzacchini
Physicochemical properties of ambient aerosol particles at a suburban background site in Athens
M. Gini, S. Vratolis, E. Diapouli, C. Helmis, and K. Eleftheriadis
Seasonal variation of aerosol size distributions based on long term measurements at GAW Global Monte Cimone Station (2165 m asl), Italy
A. Marinoni, A. Lupi, P. Cristofanelli, F. Calzolari, R. Duchi, M. Busetto, P. Bonasoni, and K. Sellegri
Detection and quantification of reactive oxygen species and related free radicals in atmospheric aerosol particles by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectroscopy
A.M. Arangio, H.Tong, U. Poeschl, and M. Shiraiwa
Digging into hygroscopicity in Cabauw
J. Mikkilä, T. Nieminen, H. Junninnen, L. Riuttanen, J. Hong, M.l Ehn, and T. Petäjä
Mixing state and hygroscopic properties of ultrafine aerosol particles observed at the cabauw experimental site for atmospheric research in The Netherlands.
S. Bezantakos, K. Barmpounis, and G. Biskos
Chemical analysis of d<30 nm particles collected during new particle formation in urban environment
G. Kiss, A. Hoffer, A. Kallós, Z. Németh, and I. Salma
Cloud condensation nuclei activity, droplet growth kinetics and hygroscopicity of biogenic and anthropogenic Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA)
D.F. Zhao, A. Buchholz, B. Kortner, P. Schlag, F. Rubach, H. Fuchs, A. Kiendler-Scharr, R. Tillmann, A. Wahner, Å.K. Watne, M. Hallquist, J. M. Flores, Y. Rudich, K. Kristensen, A.M. Hansen, M. Glasius, I. Kourtchev, M. Kalberer, and Th.F. Mentel
Volatility of source apportioned wintertime organic aerosol in the city of Athens
E.E. Louvaris, K.K. Florou, G.I. Gkatzelis, and S.N. Pandis
Temporal and spatial variation of the atmospheric particle size distribution at seven measurement stations within Spain
E. Alonso-Blanco, F. J. Gómez-Moreno, B. Artíñano, S. Iglesias Samitier, V. Juncal, M. Piñeiro Iglesias, P. López Mahía, N. Pérez, M. Brines, A. Alastuey, X. Querol, B. A. de la Morena, M. I. García, S. Rodríguez, M. Sorribas, G. Titos, H. Lyamani, and L. Alados-Arboledas
Aerosol hygroscopic properties during a local stagnation episode in an urban background site in Madrid, Spain
E. Alonso-Blanco, F.J. Gómez-Moreno, M. Becerril, E. Coz, and B. Artíñano
The effect of hygroscopicity and oxidation on the phase state of ambient SOA particles in the Southeastern United States
A. Pajunoja, W. Hu, Y.J. Leong, N. Taylor, P. Miettinen, K. M. Cerully, D. Collins, A. Nenes, J. Jimenez, and A. Virtanen
A comprehensive range of gas and particle phase pollutants has been sampled at 1-hour time resolution in urban background Milan during summer 2012
A. Bigi, F Bianchi, G. De Gennaro, A. Di Gilio, P. Fermo, G. Ghermandi, A. Prevôt, M. Urbani, G. Valli, R. Vecchi, and A. Piazzalunga
Modelling the surface tension of atmospheric aerosols based on direct surface structure observations
M. Dalirian, J. Werner, J. Julin, O. Björneholm, and I. Riipinen
Intercomparison of black carbon and its mixing state measurements between single particle soot photometer (SP2) and volatility tandem differential mobility analyzer (VTDMA) during CAREBeijing campaign
Y.X. Zhang, Y.F. Cheng, S. Kecorius, Z.B. Wang, M. Hu, T. Zhu, Y.H. Zhang, K.B. He, U. Pöschl, A. Wiedensohler, Q. Zhang, and H. Su
Transformation of Black Carbon aerosol morphology in combustion systems and the atmosphere
J. H. Pagels, A. C. Eriksson, E. Nordin, C. Wittbom, V. B. Malmborg, P. Nilsson, J. Rissler, C. Boman, E. Swietlicki, and B. Svenningsson
Source apportionment of PM2.5 at Seoul Supersite using near real-time monitoring and aerosol mass spectrometer
K.-J. Moon, J.-S. Han, and S.-Y. Cho
Laboratory investigations on ultrafine particles from the volatilization of the tire
S. Lee
Physical characterization of tire particles from tire simulator measurements
S. Lee
Elemental and ionic composition analysis of PM samples collected in the urban area of Naples
E. Chianese, B. Gioli, P. Toscano, V. Magliulo, G. Tirimberio, A. Zaldei, and A. Riccio
Temperature and relative humidity dependence of optical properties of ambient aerosols at two forest sites in South East USA
A. Khlystov, A.P. Grieshop, P. Saha, and R. Subramanian
Analysis of organic aerosol measured at urban and rural sites in Japan
A. Yoshino, A. Takami, N. Kaneyasu, S. Hatakeyama, K. Hara, and M. Hayashi
Comparative analysis on characteristics of suspended particles in Taiwan during 2014
H.-H. Tsai
Nitropolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in marine and continental background air – gas-particle partitioning, mass size distribution, and formation along transport
G. Lammel, P. Kukučka, H. Lišková, M.D. Mulder, P. Přibylová, and R. Prokeš
Transport conditions between an urban coastal area and a high mountain site during winter pollution episodes
J.F. Nicolás, N. Galindo, E. Yubero, J. Crespo, and R. Soler
Polluted air masses advection in South Italy: SEM/EDX characterization of aerosols on 13-stages DLPI filters
A. Lettino, M. Calvello, F. Esposito, S. Fiore, M. Lorusso, and G. Pavese
Futures of radon, thoron and their decay products dynamics in urban environment
A.G. Kondratyeva, V.S. Yakovleva, M.S. Cherepnev, P.M. Nagorsky, and N.S. Mishina
Evolution of organic aerosol during transport observed at Mt. Cimone (2165 m asl), Italy, during PEGASOS
M. Rinaldi, S. Gilardoni, S. Decesari, S. Fuzzi, P. Cristofanelli, P. Bonasoni, V. Poluzzi, P. Massoli, and M.C. Facchini
Long-range transport of carbonaceous aerosol at coastal site in the South-Eastern Baltic region
V. Dudoitis, V. Ulevičius, S. Byčenkienė, K. Plauškaitė, G. Mordas, C. Bozzetti, R. Fröhlich, and A.S.H. Prévôt
AriaSaNa – A regional observatory of air quality in Southern Italy
G. Agrillo, G. Brusasca, P. Carlucci, A. D’Auria, P. Di Tommasi, A. Esposito, D. Famulari, B. Gioli, D. Gasbarra, A. Mazzarella, A. Riccio, I. Russo, L. Shindler, G. Tirimberio, B. Tyagi, M. Tosca, L. Vitale, P. Toscano, R. Viola, R. Vuolo, A. Zaldei, and V. Magliulo
Radon daughter alpha-particle deposition over a forest canopy
L. Solier, P. Laguionie, D. Maro, D. Hébert, G. Pellerin, M. Morillon, and O. Connan
Wet scavenging of tropospheric pollutants in Oporto
D. Custódio, M. Cerqueira, T. Nunes, C. Pio, and C.A. Alves
Determination of sulphate deposition from airborne measurements in the Oil Sands Region of Alberta, Canada
K. Hayden, S.-M. Li, P.S.K. Liu, J.O'Brien, R. McLaren, M. Gordon, A. Darlington, J. Liggio, R.L. Mittermeier, R. Staebler, P. Makar, C. Stroud, A. Akingunola, A. Leithead, and S.G. Moussa
Emission of sea spray aerosol determined on the basis of vertical concentration in the marine boundary layer
T. Petelski, P. Markuszewski, J. Piskozub, and P. Makuch
Atmospheric dilution and dispersion of particles and SO2 emitted by a coal fired power plant
F. Mylläri, E. Asmi, T. Anttila, E. Saukko, V. Vakkari, L. Pirjola, R. Hillamo, A. Häyrinen, J. Rautiainen, H. Lihavainen, E. O’Connor, J. Keskinen, M. Dal Maso, and T. Rönkkö
PM10 resuspension contribution due to traffic in Brescia (Northern Italy)
M. Chiesa, A. Agosti, R. Zambianchi, V. Gabusi, I. Hoch, and A. Ballarin Denti
Trend of atmospheric depositions of inorganic elements in the Taranto urban area
V. Rosito, B. Varvaglione, V. Martucci, M. Spartera, and F. Catucci
Characterising the U9 Milan background site that links together radiation and pollution measurements
A. Comi, F. Degni, C.F. Cutellè, S. Cogliati, C. Rizzi, M. Casati, G. Sangiorgi, M.G. Perrone, G. Močnik, R. Colombo, E. Bolzacchini, and L. Ferrero
Poster Session
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Specific Aerosol Types

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The mobile platform measuring urban pollutant cross sections of the Perugia city
S. Crocchianti, D. Cappelletti, M. G. Ranalli, S. Del Sarto, B. Moroni, S. Castellini, C. Petroselli, K. S. Bakar, M. Angelucci, and M. Vecchiocattivi
Characteristics of submicron particulate matter at the urban roadside in downtown Hong Kong – overview of 4 months of continuous high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometer (HR-AMS) measurements
B.P. Lee, YJ.Li, J.Z.Yu, P.K.K. Louie, and C.K. Chan
Back and forward extrapolation of spatial modelled NOx data. How long is extrapolation valid?
P. Molnár, L. Stockfelt, L. Barregard, and G. Sallsten
Comparing aerosol properties at the ground and over the column in two high traffic sites in North and South Italy: preliminary results
G. Pavese, M. Calvello, F. Esposito, and M. Lorusso
UFP levels measured with a tram-based air quality monitoring network in Zürich
M. Fierz, D. Hasenfratz, C. Walser, O. Saukh, and H. Burtscher
Evidence of a common source of levoglucosan and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in atmospheric PM in the urban area of Rome
C. Perrino, P. Romagnoli, L. Tofful, S. Dalla Torre, M. Perilli, and T. Sargolini
Chemical speciation of particulate matter emission during the Diwali festival in India
S. Pervez, R.K. Chakrabarty, S. Dewangan, J.G. Watson, J.C. Chow, and J.L. Matawle
Characterisation of Iron-rich atmospheric submicrometre particles
P. Sanderson, S.S. Su, I.T.H Chang, J.M Delgado-Saborit, D. Kepaptsoglou, R. Weber, and R.M. Harrison
Towards PM10 mapping with a scanning Doppler lidar
V. Vakkari, A. Hirsikko, E.J. O’Connor, and A. Kousa
Ultrafine particle monitoring at two urban background sites of Northern Italy
S. Ozgen, G. Lonati, M. Sacco, F. Lollobrigida, and A. Pannocchia
Aerosol concentrations in the east Zone of São Paulo City
R.M. Miranda, P.J. Pérez-Martínez, and M.F. Andrade
Benzene and Toluene in the atmosphere of Athens during wintertime: Influence of financial crisis on traffic and biomass burning emissions
B. Psiloglou, N. Mihalopoulos, and A. Paliatsos
Spatial and temporal variability of ultrafine particle number concentration in the urban area of Rome
A. Di Menno di Bucchianico, G. Cattani, A. Gaeta, C. Ancona, and F. Forastiere
PM chemical composition and oxidative potential at a traffic site and in a low emission zone in Milan (Northern Italy)
M.G. Perrone, J. Zhou, M. Malandrino, C. Rizzi, G. Sangiorgi, L. Ferrero, J. Dommen, and E. Bolzacchini
An 11 year study of multipollutant correlations of urban aerosols in Krakow, Poland
A.J. Włodarczyk, J. M. Arteaga-Salas, T. Jones, R. Zimmermann, and K. BéruBé
Urban background aerosol over Nairobi City, Kenya
M.J. Gatari, A.W. Mutahi, C.W. Gachara, S.M. Gaita, and J.Boman
Revealing neighborhood-scale fine PM variation using compact optical particle counter
Y. Etzion and D.M. Broday
Screening of short-lived climate pollutants in a street canyon in South Brazil
L.F. Wiese, P. Krecl, and A.C. Targino
Organic markers and compounds in PM1 aerosol in the Central Bohemian Region in the Czech Republic
K. Krumal, P. Mikuska, and Z. Vecera
Long-term high-resolution analysis of UFP vs meteorological conditions
L. Hejkrlík, H. Plachá, and D.Richterová
Chemical and physical characterization of aerosol on the platform of Prague metro
J. Ondracek, M.Cusack, N. Talbot, M.C. Minguillon, V. Martins, P. Otahal, J. Schwarz, and V. Zdimal
Air quality in Castilla y León (Spain): one year study
D. Bermejo, A. I. Calvo, A. Castro, J.M. Fernández-Guisuraga, C. Alves, and R. Fraile
Ambient winter HULIS concentrations in coal combustion influenced area - case study for Krakow, Poland
M. Kistler, A. Kadnar, K. Szramowiat, G. Woznica, K. Styszko, J. Golas, and A. Kasper-Giebl
Psychotropic substances in the air a background site in Stockholm
A.Cecinato, C. Balducci, P. Romagnoli, M. Perilli, R. Krejici, and C. Johansson
Evaluation of the biogenic contribution of a palm tree urban garden to the levels of n-alkanes in the city of Elche
J. Gil-Moltó, N. Galindo, M. Varea, C. Chofre, J. Crespo, S. Caballero, J.F. Nicolás, E. Yubero, R. Castañer, and C. Pastor
Sources of water-soluble organic aerosols observed at a nearby traffic road using a positive matrix factorization model
G.-H. Yu, M.-S. Bae, and S. S. Park
Pollutant mapping in the vicinity of a steelworks: regional impact of fugitive emissions
F. Drewnick, F. Freutel, S.-L. von der Weiden-Reinmüller, J. Fachinger, and S. Borrmann
Urban and suburban intermodal fraction of atmospheric aerosol
J. Kozakova, J. Hovorka, and J. Schwarz
Relation between aerosol number and atmospheric potential gradient in an urban area
M.D. Wright, J.C. Matthews, A. Bacak, H.G. Silva, C.J. Percival, and D.E. Shallcross
Size resolved chemical composition of atmospheric aerosol at urban and suburban sites at Central European air pollution hot spot
J. Schwarz, J. Ondráček, L. Ondráčková, J. Kozáková, J. Hovorka, and V. Ždímal
Stable sulphur isotope ratio values in urban atmospheric aerosol
I. Rumskaitė, A. Garbaras, A. Masalaite, and V. Remeikis
Organic compounds and elemental carbon in PM of Milan (Italy): effect of a Low Emission Zone
C. Rizzi, G. Sangiorgi, M.G. Perrone, , L. Ferrero, M. Casati, G. Rovelli, L. D’Angelo, and E. Bolzacchini
Chemical characteristics and health risk assessment of traffic related particles
St. Pateraki, K. Bairachtari, C. Markellou, G. Chousos, Α. Stamatelopoulou, N. Mihalopoulos, Ch.Vasilakos, and Th. Maggos
Analysis of PM2.5 and PM1 profile during different pollution events: Chemical characteristics and origin
St. Pateraki, Th. Maggos, V.D. Assimakopoulos, K. Bougiatioti, K. Bairachtari, D.N. Asimakopoulos, Ch.Vasilakos, and N. Mihalopoulos
The role of wintertime biomass burning in Athens on air pollution levels
E. Liakakou, M. Lianou, E. Gerasopoulos, B. Psiloglou, J. Sciare, and N. Mihalopoulos
Elemental composition in samples from tyre and pavement interaction
A.M. Vicente, A. Calvo, M. Gustafsson, A. Karanasiou, F. Amato, X. Querol, and C.A. Alves
Comparative SEM analysis of airborne particles generated during wet pavement cleaning
M. Seidl, G. Da, E. Gehin, and P. Ausset
Monitoring and characterization of aerosol particulate matter (TSP) for the conservation of urban cultural heritage: San Marco Museum (Florence, Italy)
A. Bonazza, P. Fermo, L. Barbagallo, N. Ghedini, R. Gonzalez , and E. Re
Inorganic particulate matter and its gaseous precursors during wintertime in Athens: Indication for HONO emission from biomass burning
L. Fourtziou, D. Paraskevopoulou, E. Liakakou, J. Sciare, J.P. Putaud, and N. Mihalopoulos
Biomass burning tracers in aerosols over Athens, Greece during winter time
C. Theodosi, P. Nicolaou, J. Sciare, T. Maggos, K. Bairachtari, D. Paraskevopoulou, E. Liakakou, E. Gerasopoulos, and N. Mihalopoulos
Emission ratios of non-methane hydrocarbons in São Paulo, Brazil
P.A. Dominutti, T. Nogueira, A. Fornaro, and M.F. Andrade
Relationship between c-PAHs concentration and elemental composition of urban size-segregated aerosol in winter
J. Bendl, J. Hovorka, and J. Topinka
Monitoring of aircraft emissions at a small-cale international airport
C. Psanis and G. Biskos
Seasonal chemical characteristics of ambient PM2.5 at Seoul supersite in Korea from 2010 to 2012
K.-J. Moon, S.-M. Park, J.-S. Park, I.-H. Song, J.-S. Han, and J.-H. Hong
Poster Session
Session: Aerosol Modelling

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A green solution for assessing dermal exposures and health-risk from Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in a fastener manufacturing industry
H.I. Hsu, P.J. Tsai, and M.R. Chen
Evaluating the effect of regional scale emission reductions on air quality over Europe
A. Balzarini and G. Pirovano
Mixing layer height estimates and air pollution dispersion processes
F. Guarnieri, C. Busillo, F. Calastrini, G. Messeri, and B. Gozzini
Evaluation of a meteorological and three-dimensional chemical transport model for gaseous and particle concentrations in an urban airshed
M.M. Rahman, M. Cope, M. Mazaheri, and L. Morawska
Modeling of exposure to ambient particulate matter across an urban area using IMMIS model coupled with ArcGIS
J.i Gu, J. Cyrys, K. Wolf, A. Schneider, and A. Peters
Coagulation of aerosol particles with radioactive additives; modelling of experimental data
V.A. Zagaynov, A.A.Lushnikov, V.V.Maksimenko, I.E. Agranovski, N.P. Kalashnikov, N.A. Klyachin, M.N. Tulumdzhiyan, and S.O. Dobychin
Reconstruction of PM concentration components over Naples conurbation
S. Finardi, G. Calori, P. Radice, A. D’Allura, G. Agrillo, G. Brusasca, A. Riccio, and V. Magliulo
Realistic modelling of fugitive sources to obtain emission factor estimates
V. Sanfelix, A. Escrig, A. López-Lilao, E. Monfort, and I. Celades
Soot deposition during an enclosed heptane pool fire - Experiments and numerical simulation comparison
L. Decoster, A. Bellivier, O. Vauquelin, F. Candelier, and H. Bazin
PM2.5 composition inter-comparison between modelled and measured data
C. Colombi, E. Peroni, E. Angelino, and V. Gianelle
Source-resolved simulation of organic aerosol
G.N. Theodoritsi and S.N. Pandis
Pool scrubbing system for aerosol removal: focus on bubble characteristics and modeling
S. Morandi, A. Del Corno, F. Parozzi, A. Cavallari, G. Besagni, M. Imò, and F. Inzoli
Model simulations of special events, such as legionnaire’s disease outbreak or fires in industrial facilities, on a regional scale: difficulties, odds, and ends
S. Wurzler, H. Hebbinghaus, and W. Straub
Analysis of the episodes of unusually high particle concentrations in Europe in March and April 2014: field observations and model simulations
S. Wurzler, H. Hebbinghaus, L. Schmidt, W. Straub, D. Gladtke, A. Olschewski, J . Friesel, J. Geiger, H. Elbern, and E. Friese
Towards a better understanding of uncertainty in aerosol forcing from CMIP6 models
S. Fiedler, B. Stevens, T. Mauritsen, and S. Kinne
Poster Session
Session: Aerosol-based Nanotechnology

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One-step flame-assisted spray synthesis of Pd/CeO2 in stagnation configurations: the improved CH4 catalytic activity
N. Wang, Y. Zong, Q. Yao, and S. Li
Simultaneously aerosol synthesis and direct coating of Mn-based TiO2 nanoparticles on glass beads using CVC process and catalytic oxidation of gaseous acetaldehydes
E.S. Park, M.S. Kim, H.D. Jung, and J. Jurng
Synthesis of titania nanoparticles by MOCVD method in two different reactors
P. Moravec, J. Smolík, J. Schwarz, P. Vodička, V.V. Levdanski, and M. Koštejn
High-rate production of functional nanostructured films and devices by coupling flame spray pyrolysis with supersonic expansion
P. Milani, L.G. Bettini, S. Vinati, K. Wegner, P. Piseri, and E. Barborini
On the correlation of the emission spectrum and nanoparticle yield in a spark discharge generator
A. Kohut, G. Galbács, L. Ludvigsson, B.O. Meuller, M.E. Messing, K. Deppert, and Z. Geretovszky
Hydrogen assisted generation and reshaping of metal particles by spark discharge
R. T. Hallberg, K. A. Dick, M. H. Magnusson, and M. E. Messing
Size distribution of DEP-bound PAHs emitted from a diesel-generator fuelled with waste-edible-oil-biodiesel
J.-H. Tsai, S.-J. Chen, K.-L. Huang, W.-Y. Lin, T.-S. Chen, C.-C. Lin, and C.-C. Tsai
In vitro cytotoxicity of nanoparticles, accounting for agglomeration & settling
A. Spyrogianni, G.A. Sotiriou, D. Brambilla, J.-C. Leroux, and S.E. Pratsinis
Surface area detection of nanomaterials for exposure and toxicological assessments
B. Hellack, L. Santiago-Aragao, S. Boland, A. Baeza-Squiban, A. Neumeyer-Sickinger, C. Albrecht, R.P.F. Schins, and T.A.J. Kuhlbusch
Screening and advanced instrumentation for on-site distinction of the background and release signals in a nanoSiO2 production plant
J. Lopez de Ipiña, C. Vaquero, T. Oroz, C. Salazar, G. Aragon, I. Ibarra, T. Tritscher, and C. Gutierrez-Canas
Aerosol synthesis of hierarchical nanostructured carbon particles using a dual polymer system
R. Balgis and K. Okuyama
Synthesis and optical response of Ag triangular nanoplates protected by photochromic azobenzene
K. Iwai, H. Nanjyo, N. Kinoshita, N. Nishida, and H. Tanaka
Plasmonic Ag-Au nanoalloys with reduced cytotoxicity
for biomedical applications
G.A. Sotiriou, G.D. Etterlin, A. Spyrogianni, and S.E. Pratsinis
Poster Session
Session: Fundamentals

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Methodology for a certain class of comparative measurements of aerosol nanoparticles
M. Alonso and J.P. Borra
Aerosol emission from the burst of a single bubble
W.R. Ke, Y.M. Kuo, S.H. Huang, C.W. Lin, and C.C. Chen
Investigations on diffusiophoresis as aerosol particle deposition mechanism
B. Kiwull and R. Niessner
Crystallinity dynamics during coalescence of gold nanoparticles
E. Goudeli and S.E. Pratsinis
Impact of carrier modification on the capsule filling processability and on aerosolization performance of carrier-based dry powder inhalation (DPI) formulation
E. Faulhammer, V. Wahl, S. Zellnitz, H. Schröttner, J.G. Khinast, and A. Paudel
Towards an understanding of the impact of chemical functionality on aerosol hygroscopicity
R.E.H. Miles, G. Rovelli, S.L. Clegg, and J.P. Reid
Influence of size effects on concentration of impurity (dopant) in aerosol nanoparticles growing in supersaturated vapor
V.V. Levdansky, J. Smolik, V. Zdimal, and P. Moravec
Size effects in formation of nanoparticles in a gas phase
V.V. Levdansky, J. Smolik, and V. Zdimal
Radial diffusion and penetration of gas molecules and aerosol particles through laminar flow reactors, denuders and sampling tubes
D.A. Knopf, U. Pöschl, and M. Shiraiwa
Radius, temperature and composition of free microdroplet in multicomponent environment as functions of time
D.S. Martyukova, A.K. Shchekin, A.E. Kuchma, and A.A. Lezova
Modelling of diffusion of nitric acid in polyethylene vinyl acetate
R.Atmani, M. Ekouali, M. Talbi, A.El Brouzi
Experimental study of homogeneous nucleation of the cesium chloride vapor
V.D. Zelik, S.V. Valiulin, S.V. Vosel, V.V. Karasev, and A.A. Onischuk
Sulphuric acid monomer vs. total sulphate in nucleation studies
K. Neitola, D. Brus, U. Makkonen, M. Sipilä, R. L. Mauldin III, N. Sarnela, T. Jokinen, H. Lihavainen, and M. Kulmala
The orientation dynamics of small spheroids in linear shear flows
E. Gavze, M. Pinsky, and A. Khain
Poster Session
Session: Inhalation, Exposures and Health

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Which grain dust composition in microorganisms impacts the respiratory health of grain workers and farmers?
H. Niculita-Hirzel , P. Wild , D. Savova-Bianchi , G. Hantier , V. Dorribo , J. Pralong , B. Danuser , and P. Krief
Monitoring of PM and 222Radon concentrations levels and possible health effects
M. Zoran, R. Savastru, D. Savastru, M.R. Dida, and A. Dida
Characterization of personal exposure to PM2.5 and BC in various micro-environments in New Delhi, India
P. Pant and R.E. Peltier
Geochemistry, structure, bioaccessibility and toxic potential of inhalable Fe-bearing minerals from Saharan dust outbreaks
B. Moroni, D. Cappelletti, S. Castellini, E. Federici, E. Montalbani, C. Petroselli, B. Sebastiani, R. Selvaggi, F. Galli, D. Pietrella, D. Gatta, M. Grotti, G. Calzolai, F. Lucarelli, and S. Nava
The estimation of some microorganisms inactivation rates on filter elements of Tion A air cleaners
A.S. Safatov, O.V. Pyankov, V.A. Vechkanov, V.V. Solodkii, G.A. Buryak, and D.A. Trubitsyn
Practical application of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) procedure to estimate the potential benefits of improving air quality in the Silesian voivodeship, Poland.
M. Kowalska and M. Kowalski
Using dispersion models to account for secondary PM2.5 formation in health impact assessment
C. Mangia, M. Cervino, and E.A.L. Gianicolo
Reduction potential of PM2.5 health effects by local decision in Kuopio
A. Asikainen, E. Pärjälä, J.T. Tuomisto, and O. Hänninen
Nanoparticles exposure assessment at workspace – Comparison of the potential emission of aerosol while handling a powder and a nanopowder on the same process
S. Artous, C. Philippot, D. Locatelli, and C. Ducros
Passenger exposure to PM and gas air pollutants in urban public transport microenvironments
F. Yang, S.Ye, K.C. Wong, H. Huang, L. Sun, P. Wei, D. Westerdahl, and Z. Ning
Development of a route specific PM and gas sensor network for 2015 Standard Chartered Hong Kong International Marathon
L. Sun, S. Ye, P. Wei, K.C. Wong, H. Huang, D. Westerdahl, and Z. Ning
Quantification and characterization of in vehicle exposure on city roads in Kanpur, India: Passenger car vs. school bus
M. Agrawal and A. Goel
Inhaled particle surface area dose: stationary vs personal monitoring
M. Mazaheri, S. Clifford, and L. Morawska
Methods and instrumentation for generation of aerosols of fiber carbon nanomaterials in inhalation toxicological experiments
V.I. Sigaev, A.D. Tolchinsky, A.V. Vorobiev, and E.V. Zvyagina
Assessment of workers' personal exposure to atmospheric black carbon in different urban environments in southern Brazil
T.C. Borges and A.C. de Lima Targino
Particulate matter personal exposure in the Athens metro system
E. Mammi-Galani, K. Eleftheriadis, and M. Lazaridis
Multi-metric exposure characterization to ultrafine particles in urban microenvironments
A.Spinazzè, A. Cattaneo, D.R. Scocca, and D.M. Cavallo
The application of an exposure system developed for the in vitro assessment of electronic nicotine delivery devices and tobacco heating products
H. Green, O.M. Camacho, and D. Azzopardi
Modelling dynamics of cigarette smoke in denuder tubes
L. Pichelstorfer and W. Hofmann
Population exposure to ultrafine particles: retrospective exposure modeling
A. Spinazzè, A. Cattaneo, and D.M. Cavallo
Uncertainty in exposure estimates and imputation of missing aerosol data in an epidemiological study
S. Clifford, M. Mazaheri, B. Yeganeh, K. Mengersen, and L. Morawska
OECD-WPMN Dossiers from the Sponsorship Programme – A first draft review of the physical/chemical testing results
H. Bresch
Poster Session
Session: Indoor and Working Place Aerosol

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Chemical characterization of indoor PM2.5 in urban areas of the Mediterranean basin
L. Tofful, M. Balzan, S. Canepari, M. Catrambone, F. Cibella, and C. Perrino
Outdoor infiltration and indoor sources of UFP, BC and PM2.5 components in schools
I. Rivas, M. Viana, T. Moreno, L. Bouso, M. Pandolfi, M. Alvarez-Pedrerol , J. Forns, A. Alastuey, J. Sunyer, and X. Querol
Indoor/ outdoor particulate matter and bioaerosol measurements in museum microenvironments
M. Lazaridis, C.N. Costa, E. Katsivela, T. Glytsos, I. Kopanakis, L. Raisi, C.P. Theologides, C. Piskopianou, V.K. Chatziona, B.K. Constantinou, E. Violaki, and N. Kalogerakis
Chemical analysis of size classified aerosol samples collected during personal monitoring
E.C. Cetintas, E. Schreiner, M. Flasch, J. Ofner, M. Kistler, E. Eitenberger, G. Friedbacher, H. Lohninger, B. Lendl, and A. Kasper-Giebl
Particulate distributions and penetration characteristics at buildings in Seoul, Korea
H.J. Oh, J.H. Yang, Y.G. Jung, I.B. Shim and J.Y. Sohn
Ambient and indoor particulate matter in operating theatres in two hospitals in Lahore, Pakistan
A. Nimra, Z. Ali, I. Colbeck, and Z.A. Nasir
Personal, home and workplace exposure to PM2.5, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, quinones, black carbon and volatile organic compounds in the general population
J.M. Delgado-Saborit, B. Macias-Hernandez, M. Mascelloni, J. Gil-Molto, N. Galindo-Corral, M. Varea, and R.M. Harrison
Generation of characteristic traffic emission aerosol in particulate filter collection efficiency tests
S. Saari, P. Karjalainen, T. Kalliohaka, A. Taipale, and T. Rönkkö
Particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) in the indoor air of classrooms at the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil
T. Tagino Comin and M. Lopes Aguiar
Determining indoor bioaerosols using molecular techniques
N. Grydaki, I. Colbeck, and C. Whitby
Characterization of dust and ultrafine particles emitted from a small-medium recycling plant
M. Lasithiotakis, C. Psanis, and G. Biskos
Environmental diagnostics to assess the risk of built environment on exposure to bioaerosols under different indoor environmental conditions
Z.A. Nasir, L.C. Campos, L. Ciric, M. Canales, and I. Colbeck
Impact of built environment characteristics on risk of TB transmission in slums
Z.A. Nasir, D. Margaritis, K.M. Lai, N. Mistry, L.C. Campos, I. Colbeck, A. Chatterjee, and P. Bhatter
Removal of model bacterial bioaerosol in a lab-scale electrostatic precipitator
F. La Motta, G. de Falco, R. Colicchio, P. Salvatore, A.G. Cicatiello, C. Pagliuca, C. Carotenuto, and F. Di Natale
Investigation of exhaled particle dispersion in indoor environment: an experimental study in a classroom
G. Da, E. Géhin, S. Gooly, S. Delaby, S. Ritoux, T.-L. Ha, and E. Robine
Poster Session
Session: Instrumentation

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Development of methods for on line measurement
S. Iacobellis, C. Tortorella, A. Giove, and R. Nacci
Electric wind in a Differential Mobility Analyzer
M. Palo, E. Tamm, M. Eller, and J. Uin
Estimating impactors loading mechanism using reflection microscopy
P. Garra, S. Kohler, A. Dieterlen, and G. Trouvé
Flow cytometry as a rapid and multi-parametric tool to characterize bioaerosol in atmospheric particulate matter
S. Amalfitano, F. Marcovecchio, and C. Perrino
High time-resolved multi-wavelength measurements of light absorption properties of atmospheric aerosol using a polar photometer
V. Bernardoni, G. Calzolai, F. Lucarelli, D. Massabò, S. Nava, P. Prati, G. Valli, and R. Vecchi
Sub-3 nm particle detection with commercial TSI 3772 and Airmodus A20 fine condensation particle counters
J. Kangasluoma, M. Attoui, L. Ahonen, H. Vuollekoski, M. Kulmala, and T. Petäjä
On the interpretation of a loading correction of the aethalometer
A.Virkkula, X. Chi, A. Ding, Y. Shen, W. Nie, X. Qi, L. Zheng, T. Petaja, and M. Kulmala
Handheld personal airborne nanoparticle detector CANTOR – performance test
H.S. Wasisto, S. Merzsch, A. Waag, E. Peiner, and E. Uhde
ChAMBRe – The development of an atmospheric chamber for bioaerosol study
P. Brotto, R. Cereseto, F. Parodi, V. Vigo, and P. Prati
Mapping spatial variation in Black Carbon concentrations in the urban environment: approaches and challenges using mobile measurements
J. Van den Bossche, J. Theunis, J. Peters, B. Elen, D. Botteldooren, and B. De Baets
First airborn measurements of the IAGOS-IIc aerosol package
U. Bundke, A. Ibrahim, M. Berg, N. Houben, and A. Petzold
A novel approach for online measurement of stable carbon isotope ratio of carbonaceous atmospheric aerosols
Z. Ning, D. Kaul, D. Westerdahl, and B. Cary
Online coupling of thermal-optical and radiocarbon analysis – deeper insight into sources of organic aerosols
K. Agrios, G. Salazar, and S. Szidat
Application of a Particle Size Magnifier under high relative humidity conditions
D. Wimmer, A. Franchin, J. Backmann, K. Lehtipalo, and T. Petäjä
Estimation of organic and elemental carbon using FT-IR absorbance spectra from PTFE Filters
M. Reggente, A. M. Dillner, and S. Takahama
Instrumental setup for flow-scanning CCN measurements and complementary aerosol characterization onboard the HALO aircraft
T. Klimach, M.L. Krüger, C. Pöhlker, F. Helleis, C. Gurk, D. Rose, M. O. Andreae, and U. Pöschl
Steady-state and transient effective density of cigarette smoke particles
T.J. Johnson, Ja.S. Olfert, C.U. Yurteri, R. Cabot and J. McAughey
Performance evaluation of three co-located ultrafine particle monitors near the 710 in California
A. Mehadi, D. Hammond, J. Wright, A. Polidori, and T. Morphy
Airborne studies with combined flights of research aircraft and multicopter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
K. Weber, C. Fischer, T. Pohl, M. Lange, and C. Boehlke
A new sunshine duration sensor
M. Cataldi, F. Pasquini, E. Consiglio, E. Bolzacchini, and L. Ferrero
Poster Session
Session: SPECIAL SESSION: Polar Aerosol

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Role of coarse and fine nitrate particulate as source of snow nitrate in the High Arctic
F. Spataro, A. Ianniello, R. Salvatori, M. Valt, G. Esposito, and M. Montagnoli
Seasonal evolution and neutralization processes of anthropic sulfate at 3 Arctic sites: Ny Ålesund (Svalbard Island), Station Nord, and Thule (Greenland).
S. Becagli, A. Massling, S.E. Ascanius, L. Caiazzo, C. Di Biagio, T. Di Iorio, A. di Sarra, P. Eriksen, D. Frosini, F. Giardi, D. Meloni, I.E. Nielsen, G. Muscari, G. Pace, M. Severi, E. Skov, R. Traversi, and R. Udisti
Five years of aerosol size distribution during spring-summer campaigns at Ny Ålesund (Svalbard Islands, Norway)
F. Giardi, S. Becagli, L. Caiazzo, D. Frosini, A. Lupi, M. Mazzola, M. Severi, R. Traversi, A. Viola, V. Vitale, and R. Udisti
Source identification of atmospheric particle-bound metals at Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica
A. Bazzano, F. Soggia, and M. Grotti
A closure experiment between Lidar and tetherd balloon measurements in the Arctic: comparison of optical properties along vertical profiles
L. Ferrero, C. Ritter, D. Cappelletti, B. Moroni, G. Sangiorgi, M.G. Perrone, M. Busetto, C. Lanconelli, M. Mazzola, A. Lupi, S. Becagli, R. Traversi, D. Frosini, M. Maturilli, R. Neuber, V. Vitale, R. Udisti, and E. Bolzacchini
Three years of aerosol vertical profiles in the Arctic (Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard)
L. Ferrero, D. Cappelletti, B. Moroni, G. Sangiorgi, M.G. Perrone, M. Busetto, C. Lanconelli, M. Mazzola, A. Lupi, A. Viola, S. Becagli, R. Traversi, D. Frosini, G. Močnik, V. Vitale, R. Udisti, and E. Bolzacchini
Atmospheric aerosol study through ICESat-2: potentialities and limits
L. Mona, A. Amodeo, and G. D’Amico
Aerosol composition and CCN activation measured at coastal site in Antarctica
D. Brus, H. Lihavainen, T. Raatikainen, H. Timonen, M. Aurela, R. Hillamo, M. Cubison, K. Schmidt, B. Nekat, and R. Weller
Water-soluble trace elements in Artic aerosol: possible indicators of extreme events?
C. Turetta, E. Barbaro, R. Zangrando, A. Gambaro, and C. Barbante
Poster Session
Session: SPECIAL SESSION: Source Apportionment

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Source apportionment with uncertainty estimates of PM2.5 in Ostrava, Czech Republic using Positive Matrix Factorization
T. Vossler, L.Černikovský, J. Novák, and R. Williams
Integration of meteorological variables in ME-2 applied to datasets from different environments
A. Crespi, V. Bernardoni, G. Valli, and R. Vecchi
Rolling PMF analysis for a full-year source apportionment of organic aerosols
Y. Sosedova, F. Canonaco, R. Fröhlich, J.G. Slowik, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prévôt
Ambient particulate source apportionment in a complex-topography coastal area in NW Italy
L. Tositti, E. Brattich, S. Parmeggiani, S. Scarselli, M. Chiari, P. Fermo, and S. Nava
SPECIEUROPE: The European database for PM source profiles
D. Pernigotti, C.A. Belis, and L. Spanò
Assessment of organic markers for source apportionment in a suburban area
L. Marmureanu, J. Vasilescu, F. Canonaco, A.S.H. Prévôt, D. Nicolae, and C. Talianu
Organic aerosol sources in London 2013: Exploring the solution space within ME-2
E. Reyes-Villegas, D.C. Green, F. Canonaco, H. Coe, and J.D. Allan
PMF source apportionment study of outdoor and indoor PM10 during a period of extensive biomass burning in Athens, Greece
D.E. Saraga, E. Diapouli, T. Maggos, S. Karavoltsos, A. Sakellari, C. Vasilakos, and K. Eleftheriadis
Improvement of PMF methodology using an extended suite of specific organic tracers: What benefits/what drawbacks?
B. Golly, A. Waked, O. Favez, A. Albinet, M. Pellerano, A. Armengaud, A. Bruno, A. Giordano, J.-L. Besombes, and J.-L. Jaffrezo
Source apportionment of PM2.5 during haze events in Beijing, China
M. Zheng, Y. Zhang, C. Yan, and X. Li
Composition and sources of aerosol in Chinese megacities
R.-J. Huang, M. Elser, Q. Wang, C. Bozzetti, R. Wolf, Y. Wang, H. Ni, M. Wang, K.-F. Ho, Y. Han, K. Dällenbach, F. Canonaco, J. Slowik, I. El Haddad, U. Baltensperger, J.Cao, and A.S.H. Prévôt
Source apportionment of fine PM using hourly species concentrations in a background area of the Po Valley: Preliminary results
C.A. Belis, M. Bressi, V. Pedroni, A. Malaguti, E. Petralia, M. Berico, F. Cercato, and S. Solmi
PM source apportionment by Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF) using an extended aerosol chemical characterization including specific molecular markers
D. Srivastava, F. Masson, S. Ngo, A. Waked, J.-L. Jaffrezo, B. Golly, J.-C. Francony, J.-L. Besombes, L. Y. Alleman, C. Chabanis, E. Moussu, C. Bret, S. Tomaz, E. Perraudin, E. Villenave, N. Bocquet, R. Aujay, N. Nuttens, N. Guillaumet, O. Favez, and A. Albinet
A comparison of four receptor models for the source apportionment of PM2.5 in Halifax, Nova Scotia during the BORTAS-B experiment
T. Barnett, H. Qadoumi, J. Haelssig, J.R. Pierce, J.E. Franklin, A.J. Wheeler, S.E. Craig, C. Wilson, E. Patrick, and M.D. Gibson