Plenary Lectures
08:45 - 09:45
Plenary lecture: Particulate air pollution in Europe: Main drivers and control strategies
Plenary speaker: Laurence Rouil
Chairs: Sabine Wurzler and Xavier Querol
Room: Aula Magna
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Aerosol Processes and Properties
Sub-session 28:New particle formation
Birgit Wehner and Michael Boy
Room: Aula Magna
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10:30-10:50 28AAP_O027
The role of organic compounds in early nano-particle growth
J. Tröstl, L. Ahlm, U. Molteni, M. Heinritzi, C. Frege, C. Yan, R. Wagner, F. Bianchi, C. Williamson, K. Lehtipalo, J. Craven, M. Simon, M. Gysel, J. Dommen, U. Baltensperger and the CLOUD Collaboration
10:50-11:10 28AAP_O028
Can spatially varying parameters screw up our analysis of new particle formation events?
N. Kivekäs, J. Carpman, P. Roldin, J. Leppä, A. Kristensson, and E. Asmi
11:10-11:30 28AAP_O029
Formation and growth of atmospheric nanoparticles in the Eastern Mediterranean: Results from long-term measurements and process studies
N. Kalivitis, V.-M. Kerminen, G. Kouvarakis, E. Tzitzikalaki, M. Kanakidou, H. E. Manninen, M. Boy, M. Kulmala, and N. Mihalopoulos
11:30-11:50 28AAP_O030
Airborne measurements of new particle formation in the atmospheric boundary layer under cloudy conditions
B. Altstädter, A. Platis, A. Lampert, M. Siekmann, M. Decker, M. Hermann, J. Bange, and B. Wehner
11:50-12:10 28AAP_O031
New particle formation due to enhanced radiation around trade wind cumuli near Barbados
B. Wehner, F. Ditas, F. Werner, R. A. Shaw, and H. Siebert
12:10-12:30 28AAP_O032
Modeling the detection of highly oxidized cyclohexene ozonolysis products using nitrate-based chemical ionization
N. Hyttinen, O. Kupiainen-Määttä, M. P. Rissanen, M. Muuronen, M. Ehn, and T. Kurtén
12:30-12:50 28AAP_O033
Observation of new particle formation at a rural site in central Germany
A. Kürten, A. Bergen, M. Heinritzi, M. Leiminger, V. Lorenz, F. Piel, M. Simon, R. Sitals, A. Wagner, and J. Curtius
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Specific Aerosol Types
Sub-session 29:Frontiers in carbonaceous aerosol measurements
Gary Fuller and John Wenger
Room: Aula U6-06
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10:30-10:50 29AAS_O021
Trends of tropospheric black carbon and sub-µm particle number concentration in the German Ultrafine Aerosol Network (GUAN), 2009-2013
J. Sun, W. Birmili, K. Weinhold, F. Rasch, A. Sonntag, A. Wiedensohler, J. Cyrys, H. Flentje, G. Löschau, S. Bastian, A. Schladitz, F. Meinhardt, O. Bath, A. Schwerin, L. Ries, H. Gerwig, and K. Wirtz
10:50-11:10 29AAS_O022
Evaluation of the contribution of fossil and biogenic carbonaceous matter to PM10 in the Ruhr area from measurements of BC, EC, OC and levoglucosan
M. Küpper, U. Quass, T.A.J. Kuhlbusch, S. Leinert, L. Breuer, and D. Gladke
11:10-11:30 29AAS_O023
Multi-wavelength optical determination of black and brown carbon in atmospheric aerosols
D. Massabò, L. Caponi, V. Bernardoni, M. C. Bove, P. Brotto, G. Calzolai, F. Cassola, M. Chiari, M. E. Fedi, P. Fermo, M. Giannoni, F. Lucarelli, S. Nava, A. Piazzalunga, G. Valli, R. Vecchi, and P. Prati
11:30-11:50 29AAS_O024
Investigating urban equivalent black carbon using light absorption
P. Davy, A.H. Tremper, E. Nicolosi, and G.W.Fuller
11:50-12:10 29AAS_O025
On the real origins of AMS “Cooking Organic Aerosol” (COA) at a Po valley rural site
M. Paglione, M. Dall’osto, S. Decesari, M.C. Facchini, C. O´Dowd, and R. Harrison
12:10-12:30 29AAS_O026
Size-resolved black carbon mass distributions and mixing state in India
T. Raatikainen, D. Brus, R.K. Hooda, A.-P. Hyvärinen, E. Asmi, V.P. Sharma, A. Arola, and H. Lihavainen
12:30-12:50 29AAS_O027
Long-term airborne black carbon measurements on a Lufthansa passenger aircraft
J. Ditas, H. Su, D. Scharffe, G. McMeeking, Y. Zhang, C.A.M. Brenninkmeijer, U. Pöschl, and Y. Cheng
Session: Inhalation, Exposures and Health
Sub-session 30:Toxicological effects of particles
Ralf Zimmermann and Jeroen Buters
Room: Aula U6-07
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10:30-10:50 30IEH_O014
Exposure and harm of combustion-derived wood particles
K.A. BéruBé, A.J. Włodarczyk, Z. Prytherch, T. Jones, E. Karg, O. Sippula, H. Harndorf, R. Rabe, T. Streibel, and R. Zimmermann
10:50-11:10 30IEH_O015
Toxicity of PM: experimental protocols in vivo and in vitro towards an integrated risk assessment
S. Catino, M. Tutino, P. Corsi, G. de Gennaro, R. Giua, D. Ribatti, and G. Assennato
11:10-11:30 30IEH_O016
Biological effects of ultrafine particles from combustion processes
E. Longhin, L. Capasso, R. Bengalli, M. Gualtieri, and M. Camatini
11:30-11:50 30IEH_O017
Oxidative stress and inflammation induced by Diesel Exhaust Particles: pilot in-vitro and in-vivo studies
C. Milani, F. Farina, L. Botto, E. Lonati, G. Sancini, A. Bulbarelli, and P. Palestini
11:50-12:10 30IEH_O018
Effect of settling on the in vitro cytotoxicity evaluation of nanoparticles
A. Spyrogianni, G.A. Sotiriou, D. Brambilla, J.-C. Leroux, and S.E. Pratsinis
12:10-12:30 30IEH_O019
Biological effects of combustion aerosols on human lung cells exposed at the air liquid interface: Comparison of the molecular biological effects of log wood and pellet combustion aerosols with the effects of ship engine emissions
R.Zimmermann, T.G.Dittmar, T.Kanashova, J.Buters, S.Öder, H.Paur, C.Schlager, S.Mülhopt, M.Dilger, C.Weiß, S.Diabate, H.Harndorf, B Stengel, R. Rabe, K.Hiller, S.C.Sapccariu, K.A.BeruBe, A.J.Wlodarcyzk, B.Michalke, T.Krebs, M.Kelbg, J.Tiggesbäum, T.Streibel, E.Karg, S.Scholtes, J.Schnelle-Kreis, J.Lintelmann, M.Sklorz, M. Arteaga Salas, S. Klingbeil, J.Orasche, P.Richthammer, L. Müller, A.Rheda, J.Passig, T. Gröger, G.Abbaszade, C.Radischat, S. Smita, T. Torvela, P. Tiitta, P. Yli-Pirilä, M. Kortelainen, J. Leskinen, H. Lamberg, J. Grigonyte, J. Tissari , A. Leskinen, K. Kuuspalo, L. Hao, S. Kasurinen , P. Jalava, K. Lehtinen, A. Virtanen, M.-R. Hirvonen, S. Kasurinen, P. Jalava, O.Sippula, and J. Jokiniemi
12:30-12:50 30IEH_O020
A lab scale measurement technique for the Air-Liquid-Interface exposure of human lung cell cultures towards airborne particles
S. Mülhopt, S. Diabaté, C. Schlager,S. Murugadoss, M. Dilger, C. Weiss, T. Krebs, and H.-R. Paur
Session: Aerosol Chemistry
Sub-session 31:Latest development in aerosol chemical characterisation techniques
Stefania Gilardoni and Andreas Held
Room: Aula U6-08
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10:30-10:50 31ACH_O021
On the current role of PIXE in atmospheric aerosol research
W. Maenhaut
10:50-11:10 31ACH_O022
Ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry fragmentation analysis for functional groups and structural insights of WSOC collected at the Storm Peak Laboratory
L.R. Mazzoleni, V. Samburova, Y. Zhao, M.M. Dalbec, D.M.A. Habib, M.A. Brege, P. Saranjampour, A.G. Hallar, B. Zielinska, and D. Lowenthal
11:10-11:30 31ACH_O023
Vacuum ultraviolet photoionization of atmospherically relevant aerosol components using an Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometer
M.F. Heringa, J.G. Slowik, A.S.H, Prevot, U. Baltensperger, P. Hemberger, and A. Bodi
11:30-11:50 31ACH_O024
Comparison between On- and Off-line measurements of particles from air, rock and snow water with the compact portable laser mass spectrometer LAMPAS 3
C. Barth, K.-P. Hinz, and B. Spengler
11:50-12:10 31ACH_O025
Chemometric analysis of multisensor hyperspectral images of atmospheric particulate matter
J. Ofner, K.A. Kamilli, E. Eitenberger, G. Friedbacher, B. Lendl, A. Held, and H. Lohninger
12:10-12:30 31ACH_O026
Detection sensitivity of the SP-AMS
A.A. Mensah, J.C. Corbin, A. Eriksson, S. Saarikoski, M. Abegglen, R. Färber, M. Gysel, G. Motos, J. Pagels, and B. Sierau
12:30-12:50 31ACH_O027
Field evaluation of a high time resolution elemental monitor (XACT 625) at Marylebone Road, London, UK
D.C. Green, A.H. Tremper, M. Priestman, and S.H. Hamad
Session: Aerosol Modelling
Sub-session 32:Atmospheric applications
Olli Pakarinen and Gabriele Curci
Room: Aula U6-09
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10:30-10:50 32AMO_O013
Role of lattice mismatch in heterogeneous nucleation of ice
O.H. Pakarinen and H. Vehkamäki
10:50-11:10 32AMO_O014
Will electric vehicles really reduce air pollution? A sensitivity study
S. Wurzler, H. Hebbinghaus, W. Straub, I. Steckelbach, T. Schulz, V. Hoffmann, S. Nowag, M. Memmesheimer, and H. Jakob
11:10-11:30 32AMO_O015
Evaluating the spatiotemporal variability of WRF-Chem aerosol particle properties and extreme concentrations over eastern North America
P. Crippa, R.C. Sullivan, A. Thota, Z. Li, and S.C. Pryor
11:30-11:50 3AMO_P037
A high resolution hybrid modelling system for the evaluation of urban concentrations
N. Pepe, G. Pirovano, A. Balzarini, G.M. Riva, A. Toppetti, G. Lonati, and M. Bedogni
11:50-12:10 3AMO_P035
Modelling the size resolved composition and numbers of traffic induced ultrafine particles in a street canyon
I. Nikolova, R. MacKenzie, X. Cai, and R. Harrison
12:10-12:30 32AMO_O018
Effects of dynamic modelling of ammonium nitrate aerosol
M. Karl, S. Tsyro, and W. Aas
12:30-12:50 32AMO_O019
Analysis of a summertime case study in Milan: insights on the formation of aerosol layers in and above the boundary layer, and their contribution to ground-level particulate matter
G. Curci, L. Ferrero, P. Tuccella, F. Barnaba, F. Angelini, E. Bolzacchini, C. Carbone, H. A. C. Denier van der Gon, M. C. Facchini, G. P. Gobbi, J. P. P. Kuenen, T. C. Landi, C. Perrino, M. G. Perrone, G. Sangiorgi, and P. Stocchi
Cancelled 32AMO_O016
Impact of the Standard Nomenclature for Air Pollution (SNAP) categories on PM2.5 concentration over Europe
R.E.P. Sotiropoulou, E. Tagaris, N. Gounaris, S. Andronopoulos, and D. Vlachogiannis
Cancelled 32AMO_O017
Spatial and seasonal variability of BC emissions and estimate of population exposure over Europe
F. Graziosi, J. Arduini, F. Furlani, U. Giostra, A. Marinoni, R. Duchi, and M. Maione
Session: Fundamentals
Sub-session 33:Gas-to-particle conversion: Nucleation and Growth
Alexander Shchekin and Ari Laaksonen
Room: Aula U6-01A
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10:30-10:50 33FUN_O007
Insight into acid−base nucleation experiments by comparison of the chemical composition of positive, negative, and neutral clusters
F. Bianchi, A.P. Praplan, N. Sarnela, J. Dommen, A. Kürten, I.K. Ortega, S. Schobesberger, H. Junninen, M. Simon, J. Tröstl, T. Jokinen, M. Sipila, D.R. Worsnop, N.M. Donahue, and U. Baltensperger
10:50-11:10 33FUN_O008
Heterogeneous nucleation of water vapour: the influence of nanoparticle adsorption properties
A. Laaksonen and J. Malila
11:10-11:30 33FUN_O009
LES-MMC modelling of nucleation and condensation of DBP droplets in a turbulent jet
G. Neuber, N. Seubert, A. Kronenburg, O. T. Stein, and M.J. Cleary
11:30-11:50 33FUN_O010
How the nonstationary diffusion concentration and temperature shells mix at the stage of nucleation of supercritical droplets
A.K. Shchekin, A.E. Kuchma, and M.N. Markov
11:50-12:10 33FUN_O011
Aerosol Growth Mechanism Study for Elongated Particles by Molecular Dynamics
D. Suh and K. Yasuoka
12:10-12:30 33FUN_O012
The effect of monolayer films on aerosol mass transport
R.E.H. Miles, J.F. Davies, A.E. Haddrell, and J.P. Reid
12:30-12:50 33FUN_O013
Types of Aerosol Formed by Condensation
C. Clement
Session: Indoor and Working Place Aerosol
Sub-session 34:Society Interactions
Ian Colbeck and Gianluigi De Gennaro
Room: Aula U6-01F
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10:30-10:50 34IND_O015
What are we breathing in rail subway systems, and why?
T. Moreno, V. Martins, M.C. Minguillón, C. Reche, F. Amato, M. Capdevila, E. de Miguel, S. Centelles, and X. Querol
10:50-11:10 34IND_O016
Chemical composition and source apportionment of PM2.5 in subway stations of Barcelona, Spain
V. Martins, T. Moreno, M.C. Minguillón, B.L. van Drooge, and X. Querol
11:10-11:30 34IND_O017
Size distributions and volatility of ultrafine particles in a metro station
L. Mendes, G. Biskos, and K. Eleftheriadis
11:30-11:50 3IND_P046
Evidential monitoring of particulate matter from institutional indoor locations of Pakistan, China and UK
Z. Ali, Zainab, Z. Zona, S. Sidra, K. Aziz. Z.A. Nasir, and I. Colbeck
11:50-12:10 34IND_O019
Indoor Particle Sources and Spatial Variation of Particle Concentration in a Prison
C. He, L.D. Knibbs, Q.Tran, H. Wang, and L. Morawska
12:10-12:30 34IND_O020
Are We Protecting Da Vinci’s Last Supper from Milan’s Particulate Air Pollution?
D. Westerdahl, A. Ruprecht, and G. Gasparini
12:30-12:50 34IND_O021
Aerosol sources and deposition in the indoor environment of historic churches
M. Strojecki, A. Mleczkowska, Ł. Bratasz, and R. Kozłowski
Cancelled 34IND_O018
Levels and behaviour of ultrafine particles in garage operations
P. Avino, M. Manigrasso, P. Carrai, and C. Rocchi