Plenary Lectures
08:45 - 09:45
Plenary lecture: Toxicology and risk assessment of airborne nanosizedparticles
Plenary speaker: Guünter Oberdörster
Chairs: Denis Boulaud and Ian Colbeck
Room: Aula Magna
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Aerosol Processes and Properties
Sub-session 15:Field measurements and long-term observations
Lynn Mazzoleni and Florian Ditas
Room: Aula Magna
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10:30-10:50 15AAP_O014
Aerosols in Amazonia: Urban impacts on a pristine atmosphere at GoAmazon 2014-15
P. Artaxo, H.M.J. Barbosa , J.F. Brito, S. Carbone, E.T. Sena, B. Holanda, M.A.F. Silva Dias, G. Cirino, L.V. Rizzo, R. Souza, S. Martin, M. O. Andreae, C. Pöhlker, and J. Saturno
10:50-11:10 15AAP_O015
Chemical characterization of submicron aerosol particles during the dry and wet seasons in the Amazon forest – ATTO station
S. Carbone, J.F. Brito, L.V. Rizzo, B.A. Holanda, J. Saturno, C. Pöhlker, H.M.J. Barbosa, M.O. Andreae, and P. Artaxo
11:10-11:30 15AAP_O016
Seasonal and diurnal cycling of aerosol particles in and above the canopy at the ATTO site in the Amazon rain forest
F. Ditas, C. Pöhlker, H. Barbosa, J. Brito, X. Chi, I. Hrabe de Angelis, M. L. Krüger, D. Moran, J. Saturno, H. Su , A.O. Manzi , P. Artaxo , U. Pöschl, and M.O. Andreae
11:30-11:50 15AAP_O017
Properties of free tropospheric aerosols at the Pico Mountain Observatory in the Azores
C. Mazzoleni, P. Fialho, S. China, B. Scarnato, K. Wright, N. Niedermeier, S. Kumar, K.Dzepina, M. Dziobak, M. Amapadu, J. Hueber, D. Helmig, B. Zhang, J. Perlinger, and L. Mazzoleni
11:50-12:10 3AAP_P099
Long-term aerosol optical properties over Athens, Greece, and their dependence on chemical composition
D. Paraskevopoulou, E. Liakakou, E. Gerasopoulos, and N. Mihalopoulos
12:10-12:30 15AAP_O019
ToF-ACSM measurements at the Jungfraujoch (3580 m a.s.l.) – Sources and origins of alpine aerosols
R. Fröhlich, M.J. Cubison, J.G. Slowik, F. Canonaco, S. Henne, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prevot
12:30-12:50 15AAP_O020
Long-term monitoring of PM1 chemical composition over the Eastern Mediterranean
I. Stavroulas, A. Bougiatioti, G. Kouvarakis, N. Kalivitis, P. Zarmpas, C. Theodosi, P. Nicolaou, and N. Mihalopoulos
Cancelled 15AAP_O018
Climatology of physical properties of aerosol particles at GAW global station of Monte Cimone (2165 m a.s.l.), Italy
L. Bourcier, A. Bigi, A. Marinoni, P. Cristofanelli, R. Duchi, M. Busetto, T.C. Landi, D. Putero, F. Calzolari, P. Villani, P. Laj and P. Bonasoni
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Specific Aerosol Types
Sub-session 16:Specific Aerosol Types
Cinzia Perrino and Xiawei Yu
Room: Aula U6-06
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10:30-10:50 16AAS_O008
Breath-borne bioaerosol particle shielding efficiencies of respiratory masks
C. Xu, C.-Y. Wu, and M. Yao
10:50-11:10 16AAS_O010
Triboelectric charging of fungal spores during resuspension and rebound
H. Kuuluvainen, S. Saari, J. Mensah-Attipoe, P. Pasanen, T. Reponen, and J. Keskinen
11:10-11:30 16AAS_O011
A new method for determining bioaerosol mass concentration in atmospheric PM
C. Perrino and F. Marcovecchio
11:30-11:50 16AAS_O012
Fluorescent biological aerosol particle concentrations and size distributions measured with the Waveband Integrated Bioaerosol Spectrometer WIBS-4 in Nanjing China
X. Yu, Z. Wang, Z. Xu, A. Huffman, C. Pöhlker, U. Kuhn, A. Ding, Y. Cheng, U. Pöschl, Z. Xie, and H. Su
11:50-12:10 1AAS_P014
PM and gaseous emission characterization from residential and commercial scale wood pellet boilers
P.K. Hopke, D. Thimmaiah, and K. Wang
12:10-12:30 1AAS_P012
AIRUSE LIFE+: Biomass burning emission factors and chemical profiles in Southern Europe
C.A. Alves, E. Vicente, C. Gonçalves, M. Duarte, L. Tarelho, T. Nunes, C. Pio, A. Vicente, C. Colombi, V. Gianelle, F. Amato, and X. Querol
12:30-12:50 1AAS_P008
Chemical stability of levoglucosan in laboratory and ambient aerosol studies: an isotopic perspective
I. Gensch, X.F. Sang, A.Khan, W. Laumer, P. Schlag, S.H. Schmitt, J. Wildt, G. Engling, C.Y. Chan, R. Zhao, E. Mungall, J. Abbatt, and A. Kiendler-Scharr
Cancelled 16AAS_O009
Concentrations of culturable bioaerosols at outdoor air environments in 2015 winter season with snow events
G. Lee, K. Heo, and B.U. Lee
Cancelled 16AAS_O014
Heterogeneous chemistry on pollen grains
N. Visez, S. Gosselin, F. Caron, and O. Naas
Session: PMx
Sub-session 17:Source apportionment
Kostas Eleftheriadis and María Cruz Minguillón
Room: Aula U6-07
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10:30-10:50 17PMX_O008
Identification of the main sources of PM10 impacting the north of France
D. Oliveira, O. Favez, S. Sauvage, E. Perdrix, and V. Riffault
10:50-11:10 17PMX_O009
Contribution of one year measurements in Arve valley to the chemical knowledge of alpine valleys and deconvolution of combustion sources
F. Chevrier, B. Golly, I. Ježek, G. Močnik, G. Brulfert, J.-P. Laurent, J.-L. Jaffrezo, and J.-L. Besombes
11:10-11:30 17PMX_O010
Long-term high time resolution measurements of the submicrometer aerosol chemical composition at the Central European station Melpitz, Germany
L. Poulain, G. Spindler, B. Stieger, W. Birmili, A. Grüner, A. Wiedensohler, and H. Herrmann
11:30-11:50 2PMX_P032
An inter-comparison of PM2.5 at urban and urban background sites: chemical characterization and source apportionment
D. Cesari, A. Donateo, M. Conte, E. Merico, A. Giancreco, and D. Contini
11:50-12:10 17PMX_O012
Synergy of multi-source apportionment approaches in an environment highly driven by atmospheric dynamic: case study of an Alpine valley during winter
A. Bertrand, L. Dewitt, B. Temime-Roussel, F. Chevrier, G. Močnik, I. Jézek, J. Allard, J.P. Laurent, F. Canonaco, A. S. H. Prevôt, J.L. Besombes, J.L. Jaffrezo, H. Wortham, and N. Marchand
12:10-12:30 17PMX_O013
PM10 source apportionment based on PMF and chemical tracers during different cruises in Western Mediterranean
M.C. Bove, G. Calzolai, F. Cavalli, M. Chiari, J. Hjorth, D. Massabò, A. Piazzalunga, P. Prati, and C.Schembari
12:30-12:50 17PMX_O014
Argon Offline-AMS source apportionment of organic aerosol over a yearly cycle for 3 different stations in Lithuania
C. Bozzetti, M. Xiao, V. Ulevicius, I. El Haddad, K.R. Dällenbach, V. Dudoitis, G. Mordas, J.G. Slowik, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prévôt
Reserve paper 2PMX_P035
Emission sources in the Province of Brescia (Northern Italy)
M. Chiesa, V. Gabusi, I. Hoch, R. Zambianchi, and A. Ballarin Denti
Cancelled 17PMX_O011
Sources and transport of particulate matter at high temporal resolutions
T. Ancelet, P. Davy, W. Trompetter, and A. Markwitz
Session: Aerosol Chemistry
Sub-session 18:Anthropogenic organic aerosol
Stefano Decesari and Johannes Schneider
Room: Aula U6-08
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10:30-10:50 18ACH_O014
Would vehicle pollution be increasingly dominated by gasoline vehicles?
I. El Haddad, S. M. Platt, S. M. Pieber, K. Dällenbach, G. Ciarelli, A. A. Zardini, M. Clairotte, S. Hellebust, J. G. Slowik, R.-J. Huang, R. Suarez-Bertoa, N. Marchand, B. Temime-Roussel, C. Astorga, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prévôt,
10:50-11:10 18ACH_O015
Secondary organic aerosol formation from the exhaust of a flex-fuel (ethanol) vehicle
R. Suarez-Bertoa, A.A. Zardini, S. M. Platt, S. Hellebust, S.M. Pieber, I. El Haddad, B. Temime-Roussel, U. Baltensperger, N. Marchand, A.S.H. Prévôt, and C. Astorga
11:10-11:30 18ACH_O016
Elemental composition and volatility of organic species in primary exhaust particles emitted from a marine diesel engine
P. Eichler, M. Müller, S.M. Pieber, I. El Haddad, J.C. Corbin, J. Orasche, B. Stengel, H. Harndorf, A.S.H. Prévôt, R. Zimmermann, and A. Wisthaler
11:30-11:50 18ACH_O017
Carbonaceous particulate emissions from small-scale wood-burning appliances
H. Czech, T. Miersch, O. Sippula, J. Orasche, M. Kortelainen, J. Grigonyte, T. Streibel, J. Jokiniemi, and R. Zimmermann
11:50-12:10 18ACH_O018
Comprehensive insight in the semi-volatile organic fraction of aerosols generated from wood combustion
B. A. Weggler, J. Orasche, T. Gröger, and R. Zimmermann
12:10-12:30 18ACH_O019
Contribution of nitrophenols and nitrohydroxybenzoic acids to water-soluble brown carbon light absorption
M. Teich, D. van Pinxteren, and H. Herrmann
12:30-12:50 18ACH_O020
Organic source apportionment by NMR and GC/MS techniques at two Po Valley sites in the cold season during the SUPERSITO campaign in 2013
N. Zanca, S. Decesari, M. Paglione, M. Rinaldi, S. Gilardoni, M.C. Pietrogrande, and M. Visentin
Session: Indoor and Working Place Aerosol
Sub-session 19:Workplace Exposure
Kaarle Hämeri and Tunga Salthammer
Room: Aula U6-09
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10:30-10:50 19IND_O008
Investigations on exposure of nanoparticles in different occupational environments
K. Hämeri, A.J. Koivist, B. Molgaard, J.E. Palomäki, J. E. Viitanen, M.Yu, K. Siivola, T. Kanerva, H. Norppa, A. Maragkidou, H. Alenius, T. Hussein, and A.S. Godinho
10:50-11:10 19IND_O009
Intense generation of respirable nano-scaled and ultrafine particles during laser processing of ceramic materials
A. S. Fonseca, M. Viana, X. Querol, N. Moreno, A. Maragkidou, I. de Francisco, C. Estepa, C. Borrell, V. Lennikov, and G.F. de la Fuente
11:10-11:30 19IND_O010
Assessment of the specific contributions to occupational exposure of nano-alloying of TiO2 to special steels
C. Vaquero, J. López de Ipiña, C. Gutierrez-Cañas, C.M. Arrabal, Z. Idoyaga, and A. Martínez
11:30-11:50 19IND_O011
Testing a Near Field/Far Field model for prediction of particulate matter emissions in a paint factory
I.K. Koponen, A.C.Ø. Jensen, M. Levin, K.I. Kling, M. Dal Maso, S.H. Nielsen, K.A. Jensen, and A.J. Koivisto
11:50-12:10 19IND_O012
The application of the Sioutas personal cascade impactor in metal smelters
B. Berlinger, M.D. Bugge, B. Ulvestad, H. Kjuus, K. Kandler, and D.G. Ellingsen
12:10-12:30 1IND_P010
Exposure to toxic aerosols related to mycotoxinogenesis on building materials used in indoor furnishings
B. Aleksic, M. Draghi, S. Ritoux, S. Bailly, M. Lacroix, I. Oswald, J.D. Bailly, and E. Robine
12:30-12:50 19IND_O014
Aerosols from cleaning spray products: Particle characterization and a human dose-response study
C. Isaxon, K. Lovén, J. Nielsen, G. Wieslander, A. Wierzbicka, and A. Gudmundsson
Cancelled 19IND_O013
Particulate matter emissions from activities of building refurbishment
F. Azarmi, P. Kumar, and M. Mulheron
Session: Electrical Effects
Sub-session 20:From Theory to Application
Caner Yurteri and Andrei Bologa
Room: Aula U6-01A
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10:30-10:50 20ELE_O001
Experimental study of the washout of aerosol particles by electrically charged rain drop
M. Sow and P. Lemaitre
10:50-11:10 20ELE_O002
Electrical discharges within the artificial charged aerosol cloud, with plasma parameters close to the parameters registered in the long spark discharges
A.Y. Kostinskiy, M.G. Andreev, N.A. Bogatov, L.M. Makal’sky, E.A. Mareev, D.I. Sukharevsky, and V.S. Syssoev
11:10-11:30 20ELE_O003
Investigation of corona discharge in high pressure helium
A. Bologa, K. Woletz, and H.-R. Paur
11:30-11:50 20ELE_O004
Development of a pin-to-plate electrostatic sampler for airborne virus and bacteria sampling
J.-W. Park, H.R. Kim, and J. Hwang
11:50-12:10 20ELE_O005
Dynamics of the droplet formation process in periodic electric microdripping
A.J. Hijano, I.G. Loscertales, S.E. Ibañez, and F.J. Higuera
12:10-12:30 20ELE_O006
Incorporating electrohydrodynamic atomization in the simple-jet mode in a multiple effect distillation desalination system
V.A. Ganesan, S. Porada, J.M.R. Kips, R. Gordon, S.G.J. Heijman, L.L.F. Agostinho, and J.C.M. Marijnissen
12:30-12:50 20ELE_O007
Electrospray plumes dynamics in linearly multiplexed arrays of Taylor cones
N. Sochorakis, E. Bodnár, J. Grifoll, and J. Rosell Llompart
Reserve paper 2ELE_P009
Experimental and numerical study on particle collection in a wet electrostatic precipitator
Z.D. Yang, Q.Y. Lu, Y. Wang, H. Long, C.H. Zheng, and X. Gao
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Aerosol Processes and Properties
Sub-session 21:Emission, deposition, turbulent transport
Andreas Held and Daniele Contini
Room: Aula Magna
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14:00-14:20 21AAP_O021
Sea spray aerosol: from production to cloud formation
J. Ovadnevaite, D. Ceburnis, A. Manders, G. de Leeuw, S. Marullo, M. Bellacicco, J. Bialek, and C. D. O’Dowd
14:20-14:40 21AAP_O022
Resuspension of bacterium and yeast-type bioaerosols from plant canopies at low wind friction velocities: a difference between the living and the inert?
G. Pellerin, D. Maro, P. Laguionie , D. Hébert, M. Morillon, O. Connan, and L. Solier
14:40-15:00 21AAP_O023
How important are synoptic-scale storms for desert-dust emission in North Africa?
S. Fiedler, P. Knippertz, K. Schepanski, M. L. Kaplan, B. Heinold, and I. Tegen
15:00-15:20 1AAP_P001
Dry deposition and size distribution of particulate sulphate over - Gli autori sono: P. Chanonmuang, P. Khummongkol, S. Sodanin, and T. Artchwakom
P. Chanonmuang
15:20-15:40 21AAP_O025
Intensive measurements of PM above the city of Naples
D. Famulari, G. Tirimberio, I. Russo, R. Vuolo, A. Esposito, P. Di Tommasi, G. Agrillo, B. Thyagi, A. Mazzarella, R. Viola, N. Scafetta, B. Gioli, E. Magliulo, A. Riccio, A. Zaldei, and P. Toscano
15:40-16:00 21AAP_O026
Influence of nucleation events on number particles fluxes and size distributions in an urban background area during summer season
M. Conte, A. Donateo, A. Dinoi, F. Belosi, and D. Contini
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Specific Aerosol Types
Sub-session 22:Mineral dust
Sara Basart and Berko Sierau
Room: Aula U6-06
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14:00-14:20 22AAS_O015
Eleven years of Saharan mineral dust transport at Mt. Cimone GAW station
R. Duchi, P. Cristofanelli, T.C. Landi, L. Bourcier, A. Marinoni, D. Putero, F. Calzolari, M. Busetto, U. Bonafe’, and P. Bonasoni
14:20-14:40 22AAS_O016
Biodiversity and chemical speciation of desert dust particles
D. Cappelletti, S. Castellini, G. Cenci, S. Crocchianti, E. Federici, A. Franzetti, E. Montalbani, B. Moroni, C. Petroselli, B. Sebastiani, and R. Selvaggi
14:40-15:00 22AAS_O017
The WMO SDS-WAS Regional Center Northern Africa, Middle East and Europe: Different approaches to dust forecast evaluation
S. Basart, E. Terradellas, F. Benincasa, K. Serradell, E. Cuevas, and J.M. Baldasano
15:00-15:20 22AAS_O018
AIRUSE-LIFE+: Are dust binders efficient in Southern Europe? Alternatives for efficient urban and industrial dust mitigation in Mediterranean areas
F. Amato, A. Escrig, A. Karanasiou, V. Sanfelix, E. Monfort, I. Celades, P. Cordoba, A. Alastuey, F. Lucarelli, S. Nava, G. Calzolai, and X. Querol
15:20-15:40 22AAS_O019
Change of the mineral dust size distribution during transport from the Sahara into the Caribbean – Insights from SAMUM and SALTRACE
B. Weinzierl, D. Sauer, A. Walser, J. Gasteiger, V. Freudenthaler, M. Dollner, F. Chouza, O. Reitebuch, M. Vazquez-Navarro, S. Groß, A. Schäfler, K. Kandler, C. Toledano, A. Ansmann, B. Heinold, K. Schepanski, and I. Tegen
15:40-16:00 2AAS_P084
Desert dust versus local geological dust in Rome area: mineral composition, size distribution, optical properties and downward radiative flux
A. Pietrodangelo, R. Salzano, C. Bassani, and S. Pareti
Reserve paper 2AAS_P085
Dispersion of TSP and PM10 Emissions from Quarries in complex terrain
D.L. Tartakovsky, E. Stern, and D.M. Broday
Cancelled 22AAS_O020
Dust/sand storms over Libya: Their spatial distribution, frequency and seasonality
A.S. Eddenjal
Session: PMx
Sub-session 23:Legislation and policy and Other topics
Teresa Moreno and Silvia Nava
Room: Aula U6-07
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14:00-14:20 23PMX_O015
Degradation in urban air quality from construction activity and increased traffic arising from a road widening scheme
A. Font, T. Baker, I. S. Mudway, E. Purdie, C. Dunster, and G. W. Fuller
14:20-14:40 23PMX_O016
Identification and quantification of the contribution of natural sources to PM10 in Italy: reliability and limitations of the European guidelines
A. Di Menno di Bucchianico, G. Cattani, S. Crocetti, A. Gaeta, G. Leone, and E. Taurino
14:40-15:00 23PMX_O017
Choices in commuter exposure to inhalable particulates
T. Moreno, C. Reche, I. Rivas, M.C. Minguillón, J. Parga, V. Martins, M. Pandolfi, M. Brines, M. Ealo, A.S. Godinho, F. Amato, G. Sosa, M. Capdevila, E. de Miguel, C. Vargas, G. Buonanno, W. Gibbons, and X. Querol
15:00-15:20 23PMX_O018
Saharan dust impact in central Italy: comparison of the EU method with quantifications based on the particulate elemental composition and PMF analysis
S. Nava, G. Calzolai, M. Chiari, M. Giannoni, F. Lucarelli, S. Becagli, R. Traversi, R. Udisti, F. Amato, and X. Querol
15:20-15:40 23PMX_O019
Source estimation for PM2.5 at a pollution hot spot in New Delhi, India
P. Pant, A. Shukla, A. Goel, S.D. Kohl, J.C. Chow, J.G. Watson, and R.M. Harrison
15:40-16:00 23PMX_O020
Seasonally and spatially-resolved source contributions to organic aerosol in Switzerland
K.R. Daellenbach, G. Stefenelli, I. El-Haddad, C. Bozzetti, A. Vlachou, P. Fermo, R. Gonzalez, A. Piazzalunga, C. Colombi, J.G. Slowik, F. Canonaco, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prévôt
Session: Instrumentation
Sub-session 24:Measurement methods I
Igor Agranovski and Achim Edfelder
Room: Aula U6-08
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14:00-14:20 24INS_O001
Applications and perspectives of mobile monitoring of particulate matter
F. Gozzi, G. Della Ventura, A. Marcelli, and A. Cecili
14:20-14:40 24INS_O002
Laser generated carbonaceous particulates to model black carbon aerosol and for the controlled investigation of biomass burning
T. Ajtai, N. Utry, M. Pintér, G. Kiss-Albert, R. Puskás, C. Tápai, T. Smausz, B. Hopp, Z. Bozóki, Z. Kónya, and G. Szabó
14:40-15:00 24INS_O003
Assessment of state of the art methods for the determination of carbonate carbon on aerosol filter samples
E. Diapouli, M. Gini, K. Eleftheriadis, F. Cavalli, K. Douglas, J.P. Putaud, A. Karanasiou, M. Viana, A. Alastuey, C. Theodosi, N. Mihalopoulos, and K.E. Yttri
15:00-15:20 24INS_O004
Characterising the evaporation dynamics of bioethanol/gasoline aerosols
S. Corsetti, R.E.H. Miles, J.P. Reid, J. Kiefer, and D. McGloin
15:20-15:40 24INS_O005
PAH sampling artifacts: evaluation and strategies to avoid them
C. Balducci, A. Febo, V. Paolini, A. Cecinato, M. Perilli, S. Iacobellis, and C. Tortorella
15:40-16:00 24INS_O006
A novel aerosol-into-liquid collector for online measurements of trace metals in ambient particulate matter (PM)
D. Wang, M.M. Shafer, J.J. Schauer, and C. Sioutas
Session: Aerosol Modelling
Sub-session 25:New particle formation and growth
Pontus Roldin and Michael Boy
Room: Aula U6-09
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14:00-14:20 25AMO_O007
Contribution of ELVOCs to the formation, growth and properties of SOA particles
P. Roldin, A. Rusanen, E. Hermansson, D. Mogensen, L. Zhou, S. Smolander, M. Rissanen, N. Kivekäs, R. Väänänen, A. Zelenyuk, E. Swietlicki, M. Ehn, and M. Boy
14:20-14:40 25AMO_O008
Sectional model for aerosol formation in cooled lid-driven cavity flow
E.M.A. Frederix, A.K. Kuczaj, M. Nordlund, and B.J. Geurts
14:40-15:00 25AMO_O009
The contribution of sub-grid, plume-scale nucleation to global CCN Concentrations
R.G. Stevens and J.R. Pierce
15:00-15:20 25AMO_O010
First comprehensive modelling study on ‘New Particle Formation’ at the SORPES station in Nanjing, China
M. Boy, X. M. Qi, X. Huang, P. Roldin, L. Zhou, and A. J. Ding
15:20-15:40 25AMO_O011
Toward accurately predicting the atmospheric particle number concentrations and new particle formation events: Results from the 3-D regional CTM PMCAMx-UF
E. Baranizadeh, B. N. Murphy, J. Julin, T. Olenius, O. Kupiainen-Määttä, L. Ahlm, C. L. Reddington, S. Falahat, C. Fountoukis, A. Virtanen, S. N. Pandis, H. Vehkamäki, A. Laaksonen, K. Lehtinen, and I. Riipinen
15:40-16:00 25AMO_O012
Volatility-resolved source apportionment of primary and secondary organic aerosol over Europe
K. Skyllakou, C. Fountoukis, P. E. Haralabidis, and S.N. Pandis
Reserve paper 2AMO_P017
Model studies of volatile diesel exhaust particle formation involving organic vapours
L. Pirjola, M. Karl, T. Rönkkö, and F. Arnold
Session: SPECIAL SESSION: Polar Aerosol
Sub-session 26:Aerosol physical and chemical properties - 2
Christoph Ritter and Sandro Fuzzi
Room: Aula U6-01A
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14:00-14:20 26SPA_O007
Relationships among methansulfononic acid in PM10 at Ny Ålesund (Svalbard Island) and Thule (Greenland), ocean primary production, and sea ice in the surrounding seas.
S. Becagli, L. Lazzara, C. Marchese, S.E. Ascanius, U. Dayan, C. Di Biagio, A. di Sarra, P. Eriksen, F. Fani, D. Frosini, D. Meloni, G. Muscari, G. Pace, M. Severi, R. Traversi, and R. Udisti
14:20-14:40 26SPA_O008
Mineral dust composition at Dome C (Antarctica): from ice core dust to present day aerosol
G. Calzolai, S. Nava, R. Udisti, S. Becagli, R. Traversi, F. Marino, M. Severi, D. Frosini, M. Chiari, and F. Lucarelli
14:40-15:00 26SPA_O009
Do herbivore outbreaks increase SOA production in boreal forests?
C.L. Faiola, E. Kari, P. Yli-Pirilä, A.B. Guenther, J. Joutsensaari, J. Holopainen, J. Blande, T. Yli-Juuti, T. Kühn, H. Kokkola, J.N. Smith, K.E.J.Lehtinen, and A. Virtanen
15:00-15:20 26SPA_O010
REE patterns in PM10 collected in the Arctic region.
R. Salzano, S. Becagli, A. di Sarra, F. Giardi, R. Traversi, R. Salvatori, M. Severi, and R. Udisti
15:20-15:40 26SPA_O011
Preliminary considerations on horizontal variations of AOD and Ångström Exponent over Spitsbergen
P. Pakszys, T. Zielinski, K. Markowicz, T. Petelski, P. Makuch, J. Lisok, M. Chilinski, A. Rozwadowska, Ch. Ritter, R. Neuber, R. Udisti, and M. Mazzola
15:40-16:00 26SPA_O012
The effects of future anthropogenic aerosol emissions on Arctic and global climate
J.C. Acosta Navarro, Ø. Seland, M. Gauss, A.M.L .Ekman, V. Varma, G. Messori, T.M Iversen, I. Riipinen, and H .C. Hansson
Session: Combustion Aerosols
Sub-session 27:Biomass and industrial combustion aerosols
Olli Sippula and Senem Ozgen
Room: Aula U6-01F
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14:00-14:20 27COA_O007
Wood and municipal solid waste emissions from the household stoves
H-L, Kupri, M. Maasikmets, E. Teinemaa, K. Vainumäe, T. Arumäe, H. Orru, and V. Kimmel
14:20-14:40 27COA_O008
Physical-chemical properties of ultrafine particle emissions from a domestic pellet stove
S. Ozgen, S. Becagli, V. Bernardoni, L. Corbella, A. Crespi, P. Fermo, R. Gonzalez, G. Lonati, S. Signorini, R. Tardivo, G. Valli, R. Vecchi, and L. Galli
14:40-15:00 27COA_O009
Online characterization of wood combustion emissions and their atmospheric aging products
O. Sippula, P. Tiitta, M. Kortelainen, P. Yli-Pirilä, M. Ihalainen, H. Czech, C. Radischat, J. Tissari, A. Leskinen, A. Hartikainen, H. Koponen, J. Leskinen, T. Torvela, H. Lamberg, J. Grigonyte, L. Hao, T. Streibel, J. Orasche, A. Virtanen, K. Lehtinen, R. Zimmerman, and J. Jokiniemi
15:00-15:20 27COA_O010
Secondary organic aerosol formation potential of wood burning emissions
A. Keller, J. C. Corbin, A. A. Mensah, B. Sierau, and H. Burtscher
15:20-15:40 27COA_O011
Highly time resolved aerosol characterisation in the heart of a petrochemical complex
A. Sylvestre, B. Temime-Roussel, F. Canonaco, A. S. H. Prévôt, H. Wortham, and N. Marchand
15:40-16:00 27COA_O012
Gas flaring: Self-consistent estimates of the emission factors of the carbon-containing pollutants
O.G. Fawole, X.-M. Cai, I. Nikolova, and A.R. MacKenzie
Reserve paper 2COA_P023
Influence of operation conditions of wood chips boiler and electrostatic precipitator on the reduction of particle mass concentration in the exhaust gas
A. Bologa, M. Ecker, U.Frei, H.-P. Rheinheimer, and H.-R. Paur
Poster Session
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Specific Aerosol Types

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Real-time detection of bacterial bioaerosols using microfluidic-based flow cytometry platform
M. Kang, J. Choi, and J.H. Jung
Source contribution estimation of PAH in ambient PM2.5
G. Balakrishna and S. Pervez
Characterization of carbon isotopes in PM2.5 at Fukuoka city located in the western part of Japan
F. Ikemori, A. Soda, H. Higo, M. Kinoshita, D. Nakajima, N. Kaneyasu, M. Minami, and T. Nakamura
Environmental impact assessment of high efficiency pellet boilers
M. Chiesa, G. Maffeis, S. Greco, B. Monteleone, A. Cherubini, and M.L. Venuta
Ultrafine particles and Black Carbon at an urban area in South-eastern Spain
I. Foyo-Moreno, I. Alados, G. Titos, H. Lyamani, and L. Alados-Arboledas
Residential wood combustion: time-resolved particle size distribution and morphological features
A.I. Calvo, C. Alves, E. Coz, M. Duarte, T. Nunes, L. Tarelho, A. Castro, and R. Fraile
PAHs and n-alkanes in PM1 collected near the busy highway A57 of Mestre (Italy)
G. Valotto, D. Zannoni, G. Rampazzo, G. Formenton, G. Giraldo, and P. Tieppo
Characterization of fine particles’ chemical composition at the Demokritos suburban background station, in Athens Greece. The influence of Saharan dust
V. Vasilatou, E. Diapouli, D. Abatzoglou, E. Bakeas, M. Scoullos, and K. Eleftheriadis
Sources and diurnal cycles of Black Carbon (BC) concentrations at urban and rural sites in Spain
M. Becerril, E. Coz, A.S.H. Prévôt, G. Mocnik, A. Cristóbal, and B. Artíñano
Impact of ship emissions and harbour activities on gas pollutants and size segregated particles concentrations
A. Donateo, D. Contini, D. Cesari, E. Merico, A. Dinoi, and F.M. Grasso
Fatty acids and other oxygenated compounds in particulate matter from cooking emissions
A.M. Vicente, S. Rocha, M. Duarte, T. Nunes, and C.A. Alves
Multiplexing detection of 13 pathogens from human exhaled breath and throat swabs by Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP)
Y. Zheng, X. Li, J. Xu, and M. Yao
Bioaerosol emissions and detection of airborne antibiotic resistance genes from a wastewater treatment plant
J. Li, L. Zhou, X. Zhang, C. Xu, L. Dong, and M. Yao
Rapid destruction of Ricin by nanosecond pulsed electric fields
K. Wei, W. Li, S. Gao, J. Wang, J. Zhang, and M. Yao
Miniaturized set-up for generation and sampling of pathogenic Legionella Pneumophila containing shower bioaerosols
B. Kiwull, A. Wunderlich, R. Niessner, and M. Seidel
Evaluation of five sampling techniques for quantifying bacterial and fungal aerosols
C.W. Chang and C.J. Yang
Complexes of microscopic fungi in atmospheric aerosols of Southwestern Siberia at the altitudes of 500 - 7000 m in 2014
T.V. Teplyakova, I.G. Vorobyeva, V.A. Vechkanov, I.S. Andreeva, A.S. Safatov, G.A. Buryak, D.V. Simonenkov, and B.D. Belan
Characterization of airborne microbes and particulate matter in museum environments
E. Katsivela, M. Lazaridis, I.Kopanakis, L. Raisi, and G. Panagiaris
Real-time characterization of bioaerosol collection efficiencies of SKC BioSampler using UV-APS
Y. Zheng, C.-y. Wu, and M. Yao
Field evaluation of sampling bias with plastic Petri dishes for size-fractionated bioaerosol sampling
Y.-M. Kuo and H.-C. Hsieh
Emission and dispersal of bioaerosol from a sediment biotreatment plant
V. Bertolini, I. Gandolfi, R. Ambrosini, G. Bestetti, M. Papacchini, and A. Franzetti
Influence of PM chemical composition and meteorological condition on airborne bacteria
E. Innocente, G. Rampazzo, S. Squizzato, F. Visin, V. Bertolini, A. Franzetti, I. Gandolfi, and G. Bestetti
Free and combined amino acids in ultrafine, fine and, coarse airborne particles
D. Pomata, P. Di Filippo, C. Riccardi, F. Buiarelli, V. Gallo, and C.A. Quaranta
Fine bioaerosols in outdoor air – characterization and associations with chemical co-pollutants in urban and rural airsheds
P.M. Nathan, A.H. Rickard, and J.T. Dvonch
Ship aerosol in the central Mediterranean Sea from measurements of PM10 chemical composition at Lampedusa (35.5°N, 12.6° E) and Capo Granitola (36.6°N, 12.6° E)
S. Becagli, F. Anello, F. Bellandi,C. Bommarito, F. Cassola, M. Chiari, G. Calzolai, A. di Sarra, D. Frosini, J.L. Gómez-Amo, F. Lucarelli, M. Marconi, D. Meloni, F. Monteleone, S. Nava, G. Pace, C. Scopetani, M. Severi, D. M. Sferlazzo, R. Traversi and R. Udisti
Influence of marine sources on PM10 levels and composition in the northern coast of France
C. Roche, M. Borgie, F. Ledoux, D. Dewaële, F. Cazier, T. Delaunay, O. Favez, and D. Courcot
Latitude/season-dependent source contributions of marine boundary layer aerosols over the Atlantic Ocean
S. Huang, L. Poulain, Z. J. Wu, W. Birmili, H. Herrmann, and A. Wiedensohler
The POAEMM project: prediction of marine aerosol concentration in coastal area
G. Tedeschi, J. Piazzola, L. Gardenal, and V. Pourret
Aerosol size distribution in the European Arctic and Baltic Sea regions – Comparison of measurement results
P. Markuszewski, T. Petelski, T. Zieliński, J. Piskozub, P. Pakszys, P. Makuch, A. Strzałkowska, and D. Gutowska
Organic compounds in the air of the Mediterranean Sea: the 2013 cruise of Urania
P. Romagnoli, C. Balducci, M. Perilli, E. Perreca, and A. Cecinato
Sea salt aerosol at Lampedusa: size distribution, contribution to PMx, optical properties and aging processes
M. Marconi, S. Becagli, C. Bommarito, A. di Sarra, D. Frosini, D. Meloni, G. Pace, M. Severi, D.M. Sferlazzo, R. Traversi, and R. Udisti
Chemical characterization of polar marine aerosol in summer (Arctic Glacial Sea, 2011-2012 AREX oceanographic campaigns)
G. Sangiorgi, M.G. Perrone, L. Ferrero, G. Rovelli, F. Marazzi, A. Molinelli, M. Casati, L. D’Angelo, C. Rizzi, E. Bolzacchini, S. Becagli, R. Traversi, R. Udisti, W. Walczowski, and T. Zielinski
Single particle chemical composition of natural dusts and its link to ice nucleation
B. Sierau, Y. Boose, F. Mahrt, M. I. García, A. Wélti, J. Atkinson, F. Ramelli, M. Abegglen, Z. A. Kanji, S. Rodríguez, and U. Lohmann
Cloud condensation nucleation activities of calcium carbonate and its atmospheric ageing products
M.J. Tang, J. Whitehead, N.M. Davidson, F.D. Pope, M.R. Alfarra, G. McFiggans, and M. Kalberer
Direct radiative effect of an intense Mediterranean desert dust outbreak, based on NMMB/BSC-Dust model simulations: the case of 2 August 2012
A. Gkikas, V. Obiso, S. Basart, O. Jorba, C. Pérez García-Pando, N. Hatzianastassiou, S. Gassó, and J.M. Baldasano
Modelling mineral dust emission over North Africa and Middle East using high-resolution surface properties from satellite retrievals
S. Basart, O. Jorba, C. Pérez García-Pando, C. Pringet, and J.M. Baldasano
Spectral responses of two component organo-clay complexes
N. Utry, T. Ajtai, M. Pintér, I. P. Orvos, E. Illés, E. Tombácz, Z. Bozóki, and G. Szabó
Dispersion of TSP and PM10 Emissions from Quarries in complex terrain
D.L. Tartakovsky, E. Stern, and D.M. Broday
Determination of road dust loadings and chemical composition using in situ and laboratory resuspension experiments
C.A. Alves, P.M.A. Silva, T. Nunes, M. Duarte, X. Querol, and F. Amato
Mineral dust and heavy metal deposition on glaciers in the Northern Pamir and Central Tien Shan
J. Schmale, S. Kang, Q. Zhang , R. Peltier, M. Sprenger, Y. Li , and J. Guo
Does increasing horizontal resolution produce better dust predictions? Evaluation of the NMMB/BSC-Dust model for Northern Africa, Middle East and Europe
L. Vendrell, S. Basart, J.M. Baldasano, and O. Jorba
Influence of Saharan dust transport events on PM composition in Veneto region (Italy)
S. Squizzato, S. Doglioni, M. Masiol, E. Innocente, F. Visin, G. Formenton, E. Molinaroli, and G. Rampazzo
Near real time detection of dust events over South Italy: a new tool
M. Busetto, P. Cristofanelli , A. Lupi , T.C. Landi, R. Duchi, C.R. Calidonna , D.Contini , A.Marinoni, F.Calzolari, and P. Bonasoni
Single particle characterization of a snow pit at northwest Greenland
H. Hwang, H.J. Eom, J.-H. Kang, S.B. Hong, Y. Han, S.D. Hur,J. Lee, and C.-U. Ro
Characteristics of carbonaceous PM2.5 at an urban area (Daejeon, Korea, 2012)
H. Kim, J. Jung, J. Lee, and S. Lee
Poster Session
Session: Fundamentals

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A new device for mobile monitoring of particulate matter. Preliminary result in an urban environment
F. Gozzi, G. Della Ventura, A. Marcelli, and A. Cecili
Clogging of pleated HEPA filters with soot particles: effect of relative humidity
P. Nerisson and F.X. Ouf
Air filtration and antimicrobial capabilities of electrospun PLA/PHB nanofibers
A. Nicosia, B. Vazquez, F. Belosi, G. Santachiara, F.Ravegnani, F. Prodi, W. Gieparda, J. Foksowicz-Flaczyk, J. Walentowska, and D. Wesołek
Experimental investigation on clogging stage of fiber filtration: Effect of particle size, flow velocity and filter structure
R. Tao, S. Li, and M. Yang
Experimental investigation and numerical model of consecutive droplets-solid particles and solid particles-droplets filtration in fibrous filters
J.M. Gac and A. Jackiewicz
Preparation of uncharged filter media by organic solvent exposure of electret filter
M.-H. Lee, H.-J. Choi, and E.-S. Park
Aerosol filtration in specially designed fibrous filters of gradient structure
A. Jackiewicz, Ł. Werner, and L. Gradoń
Calculation of deposition on fibrous filters as a function of time
S.J. Dunnett and C.F. Clement
Filter cleaning effectiveness of pulse jet bag filter
H.-S. Park
On the need of the transfer functions when diffusers are used to expand compressed aerosols
W.M. Moelter-Siemens, J. Blattner, and C. Asbach
Elimination of Methylene blue by adsorption on raw ore graphite (deposit point 214 - area Sidi Bouothmane - Marrakech)
S. Sabir , N.Nadi , M.L. Bouamrani , R. Atmani, S.Yousfi, M. Elkouali
L’Air et Moi: free educational tools to raise awareness of the air quality
M.A. Le Meur, V.H. Espinosa, and D. Robin
Poster Session
Session: Atmospheric Aerosol - Aerosol Processes and Properties

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Size-resolved eddy covariance fluxes of nucleation to accumulation mode aerosol particles over a coniferous forest
M.J. Deventer, A. Held, T. El-Madany, and O. Klemm
Evaluation of the Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift Single Scattering Albedo Monitor CAPS PMssa
A.Petzold, U. Bundke, J. Perim de Faria, T. B. Onasch, P. Kebabian, and A. Freedman
Statistical analysis of aerosols optical properties and backward trajectories to find possible aerosol source regions
A. Pietruczuk and A. Szkop
Morphology and optical properties of mixed aerosol particles
M. Fard, U. Krieger, Y. Rudich, C. Marcolli, and T. Peter
Retrieval of broadband aerosol optical depth from Linke-Feussner actinometer long-term observation at Mt. Kasperowy Wierch (Poland).
K.M. Markowicz and J. Uscka-Kowalkowska
Seasonal variations of AOD and Angstroem Exponent over the Baltic Sea based on the AERONET measurements
T. Zielinski, A. Strzalkowska, T. Petelski, P. Makuch, A. Smirnov, and V. Ulevicius
Ground based analysis of aerosol optical properties and their radiative effects over selected regions in Indian subcontinent
K. Taneja, V.K. Soni, S.D. Attri, K. Ahmad, and S. Ahmad
Optical properties of light absorbing carbon from wood burning emissions
N.K. Kumar, I. El Haddad, E.Bruns, J.C. Corbin, K. Dällenbach, L. Drinovec, G. Močnik, J.G. Slowik, M. Gysel, U. Baltensperger, and A.S.H. Prévôt
Atomistic calculations of the mass absorption cross sections of carbonaceous nanoparticles modelling soot
C. Garcia-Fernandez, S. Picaud, and M. Devel
Aerosol optical properties at Uccle (Belgium) and in particular during a 2014 smog period
V. De Bock, A. Mangold, and H. De Backer
Sensitivity of the single scattering albedo to the size spectrum of absorbing substance
S.A. Terpugova, M.V. Panchenko, V.S. Kozlov, and V.V. Polkin
Effect of biomass burning and dust on the spectral dependency of aerosol light absorption
G. Titos, A. Cazorla, H. Lyamani, C. Colombi, E. Cuccia, V. Gianelle, A. Calvo, A. Alastuey, G. Močnik, F.J. Olmo, and L. Alados-Arboledas
Carbonaceous aerosol AAE at a high altitude location in the Mediterranean coast
R. Castañer, M. Pandolfi, M. Ealo, S. Caballero, N. Galindo, J. Gil-Moltó, J.F. Nicolás, C. Pastor, M. Varea, E. Yubero, A. Alastuey, and J. Crespo
Intensive optical properties of continental and regional background aerosols in the Western Mediterranean during Saharan dust outbreaks and biomass burning events
M. Ealo, A. Alastuey, A. Ripoll, N. Pérez, M.C. Minguillón, X. Querol, and M. Pandolfi
Determining the angular correction for the TSI 3563 Integrating Nephelometer: results from observed sub- and super- micron size distributions, Mie and T-matrix Codes
M. Sorribas, J.A. Ogren, A. Quirantes, E. Andrews, M. Gil-Ojeda, L. Alados-Arboledas, and F.J. Olmo
The effect of aerosol representation on calculated aerosol extinction: size-resolved vs. bulk-mass EMEP/MSC-W model
S. Tsyro, M. Karl, and J.J. Griesfeller
Measurement of particle optical properties using the CAPS PMssa monitor
T. Onasch, A. Lambe, P. Massoli, P. Kebabian, and A. Freedman
Aerosol optical properties from an urban site in the Indo-Gangetic Plain: Temporal variability
K. Ram, S. Singh, M.M. Sarin, and S.N. Tripathi
Four years of aerosol absorption coefficient measurements at Mt. Cimone: study of processes affecting their variability
D. Putero, A. Marinoni, P. Cristofanelli, M. Busetto, R. Duchi, T.C. Landi, F. Calzolari, G. Mocnik, and P. Bonasoni
Visibility as a proxy for long term particulate pollution in Greece
D. Founda, M. Lianou, E. Gerasopoulos, S. Kazadzis, and N. Mihalopoulos
Optical properties of molecular clusters consisting of sulfuric acid and bases
J. Elm, P. Norman, M. Bilde, and K. V. Mikkelsen
Retrieval of complex index of refraction of mineral aerosol from the ultraviolet to the thermal infrared
P. Hubert, H. Herbin, O. Pujol, N. Visez, and D. Petitprez
Light absorption properties of laboratory generated tar ball particles
Á. Tóth, A. Hoffer, I. Nyirő-Kósa, M. Pósfai, and A. Gelencsér
Seasonal variation of aerosol properties from columnar observations over a remote background station at 1574 m a.s.l.
Y. Sola and J. Lorente
Retrieval of asymmetry factor of scattering phase function from scattering and extinction measurements
M.A. Sviridenkov
Conditions for closure between in situ optical-microphysical measurements and remote sensing techniques during the Hygra-CD campaign at DEM station, Athens
P. Fetfatzis, A. Argyrouli, J. Vande Hey, M. Komppula, S. Vratolis, A. Papayannis, and K. Eleftheriadis
Probing the microphysics and optics of diesel soot particles by measuring single particle scattering and mass
D. Liu, J.D. Allan, J. Whitehead, M.R. Alfarra, S. Kong, P.I. Williams, H. Coe, and G. McFiggans
Optical absorption measurement experiences in urban environment
A. Nagy, A. Czitrovszky, A. Kerekes, and W.W. Szymanski
Light absorption by aerosol particles in Amazonia
B.A. Holanda, J.F. Brito, H. Barbosa, S. Carbone, G. Cirino, L.V. Rizzo, M.O. Andreae, J. Saturno, C. Pöhlker, S. Martin, B. Holben, and P. Artaxo
Vertical profiles of aerosol properties from 3-wavelength elastic lidar signals and collocated sun/sky photometer measurements
M.R. Perrone and P. Burlizzi
Meteorological, atmospheric and climatic perturbations during major dust storms over Indo-Gangetic basin
S. Kumar and A. Kumar Singh
Comparison of NASA/MAN and MODIS obtained AODs over the Baltic Sea
A. Strzalkowska, T. Zielinski, T. Petelski, and P. Makuch
Combined Lidar and Ceilometer networks for aerosol monitoring
W. Thomas, H. Flentje, I. Mattis, G. Mueller, and F. Wagner
A scanning lidar for plume detection, identification and tracking
Y. Zheng, S. Mathur, A. Slagel, and E. De Marco
Effect of humidity on formation of the aerosol vertical structure in the atmospheric boundary layer during passage of an internal gravity wave
G.P. Kokhanenko and S.A. Terpugova
PM2.5 and PM10 monitoring by satellite remote sensing and in-situ data in urban areas in relation with climate conditions
M. Zoran, R. Savastru, D. Savastru
SEVIRI based aerosol optical depth retrieval
S. Nevens, N. Clerbaux, A. Velazquez Blazquez, E. Baudrez, S. Dewitte, A. Ipe, and M. Urbain
Determination of aerosol properties using MAX-DOAS and radiative transfer modelling
J.D. Halla, T. Wagner, S. Beirle, and R. McLaren
Biomass burning aerosols characterization using mass spectrometry and depolarization lidar
J. Vasilescu, L. Marmureanu, L. Belegante, A. Nemuc, and D. Nicolae
LOCAL AIR project: LOCAL Aerosol monitoring combining In-situ and Remote sensing observations
V. Sarli, S. Trippetta, V. Giannini, N. Papagiannopoulos, R. Caggiano, A. Donvito, and L. Mona
Validation of MODIS aerosol products at level 3 over different coastal sites in the Mediterranean
M.A. Pesántez, S. Segura, V. Estellés, M.P. Utrillas, and J.A. Martínez-Lozano
Atmospheric circulation patterns and Sahara-dust transport pathways over Greece.
D.G. Kaskaoutis, H.D. Kambezidis, and B.E. Psiloglou
iSPEX-EU 2015: A European-wide citizen science Campaign for the measurement of aerosols with Smartphones
E. Hendriks and F. Snik, representing the iSPEX team
Aerosol typing – key information from aerosol satellite measurements
L. Mona,R. Kahn,N. Papagiannopoulos,G. Pappalardo, and T. Holzer-Popp
Multiwavelength lidar study of biomass burning aerosol layers in West Siberia
S.V. Samoilova, Yu.S. Balin, G.P. Kokhanenko, and I.E. Penner
Characterization of mineral dust in the Asian region by means of an innovative multiwavelenght polarization LIDAR system
A.Sannino, A. Boselli, C. Song, N. Spinelli, X. Wang, and Y. Zhao
Study of the impact of mineral dust on the solar irradiance using ground-based remote sensors
F. Madonna, F. Amato, and M. Rosoldi
Multi-scale monitoring of anthropogenic effects on air quality and climate change in Lombardy region (SINOPIAE project)
W. Di Nicolantonio, E. Bolzacchini, M. Bresciani, A. Cacciari, I. Cazzaniga, L. Ferrero, R. Gianfreda, and G. Ober
Ground- and ship-based measurements of refractory Black Carbon
T. Miyakawa, F. Taketani, X. Pan, Y. Komazaki, and Y. Kanaya
Significant effect of meteorological parameters in Alaknanda Valley at Srinagar, Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
A.S. Gautam and R.S. Negi
Poster Session
Session: Aerosol Chemistry

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Fluorescence microscopy analysis advantages while characterizing Heterogeneous aerosol from biomass burning
P. Garra, S. Kohler, A. Dieterlen, and G. Trouvé
Improvement of aerosol counterflow two-jets unit for continuous measurement of water soluble components of atmospheric aerosols
P. Mikuška, A. Kořínková, and Z. Večeřa
Validation study of a simple agitation/sonication extraction methos to determine selected PACs in PM by HPLC
S. García-Alonso, R.M. Pérez-Pastor, V. Archilla-Prat, J. Rodriguez-Maroto, M. Izquierdo-Díaz, E. Rojas, and D. Sanz
Comparison of bulk and imaging-based analysis of aerosol particles, collected at the Sonnblick Observatory in Austria: First attempts towards image based quantification
J. Ofner, M. Kistler, J. Matzl, E. Can Cetintas, E. Schreiner, G. Schauer, R. Hitzenberger, E. Eitenberger, G. Friedbacher, B. Lendl, H. Lohninger, and A. Kasper-Giebl
Evaluation of PAH and Black Carbon automatic analyzers in a coke oven plant
L. Angiuli, L. Trizio, F. Mazzone, A. Digilio, M. Tutino, and R. Giua
Optimization of the LAMPAS 3 laser mass spectrometer for improved on-line single particle analysis
K.-P. Hinz, C. Barth, and B. Spengler
Organic composition of PM2.5 in a suburban location in Turkey
A. Ari, E.O. Gaga, and P. Erturk
Inorganic constituents of PM2.5 aerosols in a suburban location in Turkey
E.O. Gaga, A. Ari, P. Erturk, and N. Polat
Real-time chemical analysis of semi-volatile submicron particulate matter
P. Eichler, M. Müller, B. D’Anna, and A. Wisthaler
Chemical composition of particles generated by a domestic wood heating appliance with environmental high performance.
V. Tschamber, G. Leyssens, G. Trouvé, C. Le-Dreff, J.L. Jaffrezo, F. Cazier, S. Labbé, and S. Kohler
Source apportionment and toxicity evaluation of particle sized primary and secondary organic compounds in urban and rural atmospheres
B.L. van Drooge, S. Mesquita, M. Casado, B. Piña, and J.O. Grimalt
Daily modulation of PAHs in the atmosphere
A. Febo, C. Balducci, P. Romagnoli, A. Cecinato, S. Iacobellis, and C. Tortorella
Chemical nature of size segregated water soluble organic aerosols and their nitro-aromatic constituents
S. Frka, M. Šala, J. Turšič, and I. Grgić
Comparison of organic compounds in exhaust emissions from gasoline cars powered by gasoline and alcohol-gasoline blends under different driving cycles
P. Mikuška, K. Křůmal, P. Coufalík, Z. Večeřa, and M. Vojtíšek
Determination and characterization of water in size-segregated PM samples
G. Simonetti, C. Farao, S. Canepari, and C. Perrino
Characterization of tmospheric Ions at the high altitude station Jungfraujoch (Switzerland)
C. Frege, F. Bianchi, H. Junninen, J. Tröstl, U. Molteni, E. Herrmann, M. Sipilä, J. Dommen, M. Kulmala, and U. Baltensperger
Seasonal characteristics of PM2.5 mass closure in urban environment, Busan, Korea
G.-H. Park, E.-C. Yoo, and B.-K. Lee
Real-time analysis of wood combustion by-products from a masonry heater: Molecular patterns during different burning stages
H. Czech, O. Sippula, M. Kortelainen, J. Tissari, T. Streibel, and R. Zimmermann
Molecular characterization of atmospheric organic aerosols in PM2.5 at an urban and a rural site in Northern India
R. Singh and M.J. Kulshrestha
Formation of highly-oxidized organic compounds from isoprene and α-pinene under low and high NOx concentrations in the CLOUD chamber at CERN
M. Simon, A.-K. Bernhammer, M. Heinritzi, C. Yan, M. Breitenlechner, C. Fuchs, A. Kürten, C.R. Hoyle, J. Dommen, A. Hansel, J. Kirkby, J. Curtius, and the CLOUD collaboration
Secondary organic aerosol formation during aqueous phase processing in the CLOUD chamber at CERN
C. Fuchs, C.R. Hoyle, A.-K. Bernhammer, M. Breitenlechner, J. Dommen, M. Gysel, A. Hansel, O. Möhler, M. Simon, U. Baltensperger, and the CLOUD collaboration
Evaluation of models for size-segregated gas-particle partitioning of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in continental air in Europe
G. Lammel, P. Shahpoury, A. Holubová Šmejkalová, J. Klánová, L. Landlová, P. Přibylová, and M. Váňa
Condensation properties of low volatile α-pinene oxidation products at the CLOUD experiment
M. Heinritzi, M. Simon, M. Breitenlechner, J. Tröstl, A.-K. Bernhammer, A. Kürten, A. Hansel, J. Kirkby, J. Curtius, and the CLOUD collaboration
A new source of methyl glyoxal in the aqueous phase
M. Rodigast, A. Mutzel, O. Böge, and H. Herrmann
The difference between particle- and gas-phase reactions of Fluoranthene and Pyrene with N2O5/NO3/NO2
B. Yang, P. Zhang, and J. N. Shu
Multiphase chemical kinetics of OH radical uptake by molecular organic markers of biomass burning aerosols: Humidity and temperature dependence, surface reaction and bulk diffusion
A.M. Arangio, J.H. Slade, T. Berkemeier, U. Pöschl, D.A. Knopf, and M. Shiraiwa
Heterogeneous reaction of HO2 radicals with airborne TiO2 particles and its implications for stratospheric injection and NO2 abatement in the urban environment
D.R. Moon, P. Lakey, L. Whalley, G. Cousins, C. Kidd, P.W. Seakins, G. Taverna, M. Chipperfield, and D.E. Heard
MD simulation of surface tension of organic droplets based on energy different method and evaporation correction
X. Wang, H. Su, U. Pöschl, and Y. Cheng
Secondary organic aerosol from Glyoxal: Seed effects and product distributions
J.G. Slowik, E.M. Waxman, F. Bianchi, S. Coburn, T. Hoffman, R. Holzinger, X.H.H. Huang, R. Jakob, C. Kampf, F. Klein, T. Koenig, M. Krapf, N.K. Kumar, A. Laskin, B.S. Oyama, A. Maxut, B. Nozière, A. Piazzalunga, S. Wang, J.Z. Yu, U. Baltensperger, J. Dommen, A.S.H. Prévôt, and R. Volkamer
Fe3O4@ZrO2 magnetic nanoparticles modified electrode for sensitive determination of organophosphorus insecticides
T.-F. Kang and N.-N. Li
Electrochemical immunosensors for 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid based on 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane modified electrodes
T.-F. Kang and R. Xue
Comparison between conventional filter based method and AMS
R. Chakraborti and T. Gupta
Speciation and source apportionment of atmospheric Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) present during fog time collected PM1 in ambient aerosol of the Indo Gangetic Plain (IGP) of India
D.K. Singh and T. Gupta
Effects of biogenic-anthropogenic interactions on the molecular composition of organic aerosols from Amazonian rainforest (Brazil): an ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry study
I. Kourtchev, R.H.M. Godoi, S. Connors, J.G. Levine, A.F.L. Godoi, S.L. Paralovo, C.G.G. Barbosa, R.A.F. Souza, A.O. Manzi, J. Viegas Silva, N. Harris, S.T. Martin, and M. Kalberer
Microbial tracers in marine aerosols from the western North Pacific Rim: one-year observation of hydroxy fatty acids over Gosan site, Jeju Island
P. Tyagi, T. Kariya, M. Lee, and K. Kawamura
Chemical analysis of particulate matter PM 2.5 and PM 10 at Sinhagad (Pune)- A high altitude station
N. Pathak, P.S.P. Rao, and V. Singh
Online measurements of aerosol composition at a rural site in Germany during 2014 and application to a volcano event
M. Elsasser, J.K. Esser-Gietl, H. Flentje, B. Briel and W. Thomas
Functional group distribution of secondary organic aerosol generated using the Master Chemical Mechanism: similarities and discrepancies with environmental controlled chamber studies
G. Ruggeri, S. Takahama, F.A. Bernhard, S. Shipley, and B. Henderson
Poster Session
Session: Aerosol Modelling

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Model studies of volatile diesel exhaust particle formation involving organic vapours
L. Pirjola, M. Karl, T. Rönkkö, and F. Arnold
Contribution of vehicular emissions on the PM2.5 aerosols concentration in the Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area
A. Vara Vela and M. de Fatima Andrade
New particle formation events with double onset in a near-city background of Budapest
I. Salma, Z. Németh, P. Aalto, and M. Kulmala
Modelling new particle formation and growth using combined power-law and log-normal distribution model
M. Olin and M. Dal Maso
Mathematical modelling of nanoparticle formation using ANSYS/Fluent
A.K. Gilfanov, S.K. Zaripov, and W. Koch
Numerical simulation for the design and performance of nanostructured transparent conducting oxide membranes for Hydrogen production from water splitting at low-temperatures
G. Kastrinaki, E. Daskalos, C. Pagkoura, N. D. Vlachos, G. Skevis, A.G. Konstandopoulos, M. Vardavoulias, M. Jaén, S. Hernandez, and G. Saracco
Complex model of coagulating processes
V.A. Zagaynov, A.A. Lushnikov, V.V. Maksimenko, and I.E. Agranovski
Simulation of atmospheric nanoparticles over Europe
D. Patoulias, C. Fountoukis, I. Riipinen, and S.N. Pandis
Sensitivity of a global aerosol model to uncertainties in aqueous phase sulphur chemistry investigated at the CERN CLOUD experiment
H. Gordon, U. Baltensperger, K. Carslaw, C. Fuchs, C. Hoyle, and the CLOUD collaboration
PMCAMx evaluation during the PEGASOS southern and northern campaigns
K. Kiari, C. Fountoukis, D. Patoulias, E. Hasa, and S.N. Pandis
Assessing the impact of mineral dust on global cloud droplet formation
V.A. Karydis, A.P. Tsimpidi, A. Nenes, and J. Lelieveld
Investigation of multi-decadal trends in aerosol direct radiative effect from anthropogenic emission changes over North America by using a multiscale two-way coupled WRF-CMAQ model
C. Wei, J. Xing, D. Wong, J. Pleim, R. Mathur, C.-M. Gan, S.T. Rao, and F.S. Binkowski
Calculating equilibrium phase distribution during the formation of secondary organic aerosol using COSMOtherm
C. Wang, F. Wania, and K.-U. Goss
A comparative study of long range transport effect on Taiwan's PM2.5 using various methods
K.-H. Chang, T.-F. Chen, and C.-Y. Tsai
Performance of the planetary boundary layer height estimation by COSMO-2
M. Collaud Coen, Y. Barton, and P. Kaufmann
Impact of black carbon and fine particles on air quality in a small city in South Brazil
P. Krecl, C. Bennet, M. Alonso, A. Nedel, M. Tagle, X. Díaz, P. Oyola, I. Schneider, M. Vargas, E. Texeira, and L. Gidhagen
Numerical simulation of the dust emission and convection in Algerian desert
N. Djouad and M. Ferhat
Poster Session
Session: Aerosol-based Nanotechnology

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Focusing of charged aerosols via electric-field applied stencil mask
H. Choi, S. Kang, W. Jung, Y.-h. Jung, S.J. Park, D.S. Kim, and M. Choi
Catalytic performance of porous materials prepared from the deposition of electrosprayed inks
J.L. Castillo, B. Martinez-Vazquez, and P.L. Garcia-Ybarra
The characteristics of charged droplets produced by electrospray
Y.C. Cheng, W.Y. Lee, J.Y. Syu, C.C. Chen, and W.Y. Lin
Efficiency of kinetic energy transfer in collisions between nano particles
M.S. Choi and J.W. Lee
Generation of water soluble standards Ions in the sub 2 nm range
M. Attoui
Measurement of particles size distribution: comparison of three approaches
E.A. Kolesnikov, A.Yu. Godymchuk, V.V. Levina, B.B. Khaudarov, and D.V. Kuznetsov
Occupational exposure to titanium dioxide nanoparticles
A. Spinazzè, A. Cattaneo, M. Limonta, and D.M. Cavallo
Encapsulation of inorganic nanoparticles by aerosol-polymerization
J. Poostforooshan, A. Badiei, and A.P. Weber
Deposition of graphene/carbon nanoflower films on the substrate by spraying
A. Lähde, L. Modesto, M. Miettinen, T. Torvela, and J. Jokiniemi
Seeded growth of monodisperse and spherical silver nanoparticles
S. Zihlmann, F. Lüönd, J.K. Spiegel, and K. Vasilatou
One step aerosol synthesis of porous SiO2-Cobalt-catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch reaction
A. Martínez Arias, L. Zeng, and A.P. Weber
Correlation between liquid media method and air media method of anti-viral efficiency of an anti-viral air filter
D.-H. Park, Y.-H. Joe, and J. Hwang
Poster Session
Session: Combustion Aerosols

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Particle sampling in boilers of waste incineration plants: Development and characterisation of a novel probe
S. Schumacher, J. Lindermann, B. Stahlmecke, T. Zeiner, T. van der Zwaag, H. Nordsieck, R. Warnecke, and C. Asbach
Particle processes in power plant flue gas: effects of substituting coal with biofuel pellets
F. Mylläri, P. Karjalainen, L. Pirjola, A. Häyrinen, J. Rautiainen, R. Taipale, V. Niemelä, J. Keskinen, and T. Rönkkö
Agglomerate structure and size distribution by coagulation and surface growth
G. Kelesidis, E. Goudeli, and S.E. Pratsinis
Analysis of soot nanostructure using a HRTEM image analysis algorithm and correlation with its oxidative behaviour
A. Zygogianni, M. Syrigou, and A.G. Konstandopoulos
A study of a condensing heat exchanger and electrostatic precipitator combination for small-scale wood combustion
J. Grigonyte, O. Sippula, J. Tissari, A. Laitinen, J. Keskinen, M. Kortelainen, H. Lamberg, and J. Jokiniemi
Investigation of the release of engineered nanoparticles in the pilot scale combustion chamber BRENDA
W. Baumann, M. Hauser, N. Teuscher, I. Lang, and H.-R. Paur
Influence of operation conditions of wood chips boiler and electrostatic precipitator on the reduction of particle mass concentration in the exhaust gas
A. Bologa, M. Ecker, U.Frei, H.-P. Rheinheimer, and H.-R. Paur
High temperature particle deposition for aircraft engine applications
P.R. Forsyth and M. McGilvray
High-temperature formation of tungsten oxide microstructures
S.G. Orlovskaya, J.A. Shevchenko, and M.S. Shkoropado
PPS correction for soot concentration measurement for real scale fire tests
A. Bellivier, D. Ledur, A. Coppalle, J. Yon, A. S. Loo, L. Decoster, S. Dupont, and H. Bazin
OC/EC analysis and Raman spectroscopy of flame-generated carbonaceous nanoparticles
L.A. Sgro, M. Commodo, M. Chiari, A. D’Anna, and P. Minutolo
Hourly chemical composition and source identification of aerosol in the high polluted industrial area of Taranto (Italy)
A. Di Gilio, G. de Gennaro, P. Dambruoso, M. Placentino, P. Giungato, F. Lucarelli, G. Calzolai, S.Nava, R.Giua, and G. Assennato
Using ratios of metals and particulate matter to nitrogen oxides to detect emissions from municipal waste incinerators in ambient air pollution data in United Kingdom
A. Font, A. L. Hansell, I. Bakolis, P. Douglas, K. de Hoogh, M. Leal-Sanchez, D.C. Ashworth, R.J.C. Brown, and G.W. Fuller
Poster Session
Session: Electrical Effects

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Experimental and numerical study on particle collection in a wet electrostatic precipitator
Z.D. Yang, Q.Y. Lu, Y. Wang, H. Long, C.H. Zheng, and X. Gao
Definition of a non-dimensional inertial and electric force ratio in the EHDA simple-jet mode as a tool to define spray dispersion.
V.A. Ganesan, V. Fujita, A. Mwaura, L.L.F. Agostinho, and J.C.M. Marijnissen
Application of a multi-nozzle electrohydrodynamic atomizer to enhance evaporation in a single-effect evaporator
S. Porada, R. Gordon, V.A. Ganesan, J.M.R. Kips, J.C.M. Marijnissen, and L.L.F. Agostinho
Generation of nano-particles by ion-induced nucleation using plasma processing in diesel exhaust gas
S. Yoshihiro, A. Zukeran, Y. Kawada, and Y. Ehara
Analysis of particle behavior in hole-type electrostatic precipitator
H. Miyashita, S. Tou, Y. Ehara, T. Inui, and Y. Aoki
Fine particles removal from lead smelting fume using electrostatic agglomeration
F. Wang, R. Chen, T. Zhu, and M. Li
Development of dielectric barrier discharge electrostatic precipitator
H. Iwabuchi, Y. Ehara, Y. Oishi, T. Inui, and Y. Aoki
Enhanced antimicrobial activity using air ion and grapefruit seed extract on air filters
C.G. Woo, B.Han, H.-J. Kim, and Y.-J. Kim
Generalization of current-voltage characteristics of corona discharge by similarity theory methods
F.P. Grosu, M.K. Bologa, O.V. Motorin, A.M. Bologa, and H.-R. Paur
Poster Session
Session: Inhalation, Exposures and Health

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Optimisation of an electrostatic cross-flow precipitator for air-liquid interface devices
H. Wiegand and G. Kasper
Enhanced particle deposition efficiency in air-liquid interface of a cell exposure chamber by electrostatic force
Y. Fujitani, Y. Sugaya, M. Hashiguchi, A. Furuyama, S. Hirano, and A. Takami
UFIREG project: Ultrafine particles – an evidence based contribution to the development of regional and European environmental and health policy
J. Cyrys, S. Bastian, G. Löschau, J. Gu, T. Kusch, S. Lanzinger, S. Breitner, A. Peters, M. Gobec, J. Novak, B. Mykhalchuk, M. Senghaas, and A. Schneider
Do ferrous-minerals in Artic circle coal fly-ash mediate respiratory toxicity in humans?
M. Lawson, L. Mol, A. J. Włodarczyk, T. Jones, Z. Prytherch, and K. BéruBé
Allergic airway inflammation induced by ambient particles in mice
S.-Y. Liu, C.C.K. Chou, and T.-J. Cheng
The TOBICUP (TOxicity of BIomass COmbustion generated Ultrafine Particles) project: first results
G. Valli, S. Becagli, V. Bernardoni, L. Corbella, E. Corsini, A. Crespi, M. Dell'Acqua, P. Fermo, R. Gonzalez, C. L. Galli, G. Lonati, L. Marabini, M. Marinovich, S. Ozgen, S. Signorini, R. Tardivo, and R. Vecchi
Characterization of an Air Liquid Interface (Vitrocell® 24/48) aerosol exposure system using mainstream cigarette smoke
S. Majeed, S. Frentzel, D. Kuehn, P. Leroy, P.A. Guy, A. Knorr, A.K. Kuczaj, M. Nordlund, J. Hoeng, and M.C. Peitsch
Health effects of reactive oxygen species measured with an on-line instrument
D.M. Lienhard and M. Kalberer
Influence of smoking on fine and ultrafine air pollution PM in their pulmonary genetic and epigenetic toxicity
Y. Landkocz, C. Lepers, P.J. Martin, B. Fougère, F. Roy Saint-Georges, A. Verdin, F. Cazier, F. Ledoux, V. André, D. Courcot, F. Sichel, P. Gosset, P. Shirali, and S. Billet
Hygroscopicity measurements of cigarette smoke particles
T.J. Johnson, J.S. Olfert, C.U. Yurteri, R. Cabot, and J. McAughey
Comparison of particle deposition efficiency of nano-particles between Taiwanese and Caucasians upper respiratory tract
D.-J. Hsu and H.-Y. Lin
Pulmonary consequences of concentrated atmospheric nanoparticle inhalation in rats
Á. Filep, G.H. Fodor, F.K. Szabó, L. Tiszlavicz, Z. Rázga, Z. Bozóki, G. Szabó, and F. Peták
Particulate matter personal dose in a subway microenvironment
V. Martins, T. Moreno, M.C. Minguillón, X. Querol, and M. Lazaridis
Age-specific aerosol doses deposited in the respiratory system of electronic and conventional cigarette smokers
M. Manigrasso, G. Buonanno, F.C. Fuoco, L. Stabile, and P. Avino
The regional deposition of inhaled porous particles in the human respiratory airways
M. Belka, J. Lippay, J. Jedelsky, F. Lizal, and M. Jicha
The change of the MMAD of inhaled drugs in humidified air measured by next generation impactor and optical analysis
A. Kerekes, A. Nagy, M. Veres, S. Kugler, and A. Czitrovszky
Passenger exposure to black carbon particles from ferryboat emissions
P. Krecl, A. Targino, and J.P. Moraes Ribeiro
Environmental implications of mining and quarrying activities at Umoughara, Ezza North, Ebonyi State
O. N. Omaka, N. C. Chidinma, and G. I. Nwovu
Monitoring the transport behaviour of toluene through protective polymer gloves using quartz crystal microbalance
M.-J. Chena, L.-H. Chenga, and T.-P. Tseng
Initial development of a Personal Electrostatic Bioaerosol Sampler (PEBS)
T. Han and G. Mainelis
Poster Session
Session: Indoor and Working Place Aerosol

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Electron microscopy characterization of nanoparticles at three different workplaces
M. Miettinen, T. Torvela, J. Leskinen, A. Lähde, J. Tissari, and J. Jokiniemi
Influence of wood-fired domestic heating on indoor PM concentration and composition
D. Frasca, M. Marcoccia, G. Simonetti, S. Canepari, L.Tofful, and M.L. Astolfi
Indoor air pollution and local public transport: the subway system
S.Brini, S. Canepari, G. Cattani, F. De Maio, A. Di Menno di Bucchianico, and A. Lepore
Assessment of indoor PM2.5 in different residential settings of Lahore, Pakistan
S. Sidra, Z. Ali, I. Colbeck, and Z.A. Nasir
Source apportionment of urban indoor PM2.5: A comparative study of different USEPA receptor model approaches
J.L. Matawle, S. Pervez, S. Dewangan, S. Tiwari, and D. Singh Bisht
Airborne characteristics of four potential allergenic fungi released from agar media
S.-A. Lee, Y.-C. Teng, Y.-R. Chen, and J.-K. Chen
Household smoking habits effect on particle pollution level stability and fractional distribution
I. Steinberga and S. Vesere
UFP from gas cooking appliances: characterization and inflammatory potential
P. Pedata, L. Malorni, D. Voccia, M. Sirignano, N. Sannolo, and A. D’Anna
Concentrations of combustion particles during mass in a church
B. Polednik, M. Skwarczyński, M. Dudzińska, S. Dumala, and I. Bilska
Nanoparticles in a dental office
B. Polednik, M. Skwarczyński, M. Dudzińska, S. Dumala, and I. Bilska
Photochemical variation of carboxylic acid in PM2.5 aerosol from incense burning
S.-C. Kuo and Y.I. Tsai
Organic and elemental carbon and metals in particulate matter (PM) emitted during heating corn oil (frying) and ground beef (grilling)
M.A. Torkmahalleh, S. Gorjinezhad, H.S. Ünlüevcek, E.Cihan, B.Tanış, N.Soy, N.Özaslan, M. Keleş, and F. Öztürk
Performance tests of new and aged indoor air cleaners
H. Finger, U. Schneiderwind, and C. Asbach
Welding aerosol concentrations in workplace air depending on welding material
I. Martinsone, A. Seile, Z. Martinsone, P. Sudmalis, and I. Vanadzins
Size resolved penetration of filters from respirator masks
N. Serfozo, J. Ondráček, V. Ždímal, and M. Lazaridis
Inhalable and respirable particles produced in the lathe work in heavy industry
P. Avino, M. Manigrasso, P. Pandolfi, C. Tornese, D. Settimi, and N. Paolucci
Commuters' exposure to black carbon particles on a public bus route
A.C. Targino, J.P Ribeiro, and P. Krecl
Poster Session
Session: Instrumentation

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Comparison of a new and 10 years old TSI 3077 neutralizer
M. Attoui
Development of Thermal desorption method for PAHs determination
S. Iacobellis, C. Tortorella, A. Giove, M. Amodio, G. de Gennaro , and M. Tutino
Behaviours and answers of the different devices used for characterize a potential aerosol emission occurring when nanopowder is handling in an industrial process
C. Philippot, S. Artous, and D. Locatelli
Application of the soft X-ray TSI Advanced Aerosol Neutralizer to aerosol measurements made by a Grimm SMPS
A. Nicosia, F.Belosi, G.Santachiara, B. Vazquez, F.Prodi, D. Bacco , I. Ricciardelli, A. Trentini, and L. Manodori
Comparison of sample delivery methods for electrospray aerosol generation
A. Avenido, J.H.T. Scheckman, and A. Zerrath
Data inversion of Tandem-DMA measurements: Comparison of the TDMAfit and TDMAinv algorithms
M. Giamarelou, E. Papapanagiotou, M.R. Stolzenburg, M. Gysel, and G. Biskos
The suitability of adsorption-denuders for the quantification of gas phase SVOCs
V. Kohlmeier, C.G. Dragan, J. Orasche, E. Karg, J. Schnelle-Kreis, D. Breuer, and R. Zimmermann
Aerosol Mass Spectrometer vs Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer seasonal comparison in a urban site located in the Po Valley (Northern Italy).
A. Trentini, S. Gilardoni, M. Rinaldi, I. Ricciardelli, D. Bacco, F. Scotto, S. Ferrari, M. C. Facchini, and V. Poluzzi
Is the performance of sensor technologies for air quality monitoring improving?
M.C. Minguillón, M. Viana, C. Reche, X. Querol, J. García Vidal, O. Trullols, J.M. Barceló, M. Viader, and P. Speranza
Intercomparison of portable and stationary SMPSs for nanoscale aerosol measurements
A.S. Fonseca, M. Viana, X. Querol, N. Pérez, A. Alastuey, A.M. Todea, C. Monz, and C. Asbach
Absorption measurements by CAPS PMssa (Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift single scattering albedo monitor) and AE33 Aethalometer at DEM Athens suburban background station
S. Vratolis, T. Onasch, A. Freedman, and K. Eleftheriadis
An empirical comparison of aerosol layer detection capabilities between Lufft CHM_15k “Nimbus” and Vaisala CL31 ceilometers
A. Szkop and A. Pietruczuk
Limitations in the use of unipolar charging for electrical mobility sizing instruments
M. Levin, A. Gudmundsson, L. Ludvigsson, J. Pagels, J. Rissler, K.A. Jensen, K. Mølhave, and I.K. Koponen
Response variation of real time Black Carbon mass concentration instruments to freshly emitted particles
K.A. Thomson, A. Momenimovahed, M.P. Johnson, A.P. Crayford, Y.A. Sevcenco, P.I Williams, B. Brem, and G.J. Smallwood
A Miniature Plate Differential Mobility Classifier (mini-Plate DMC)
Q. Liu and D.-R. Chen
New data processing equation for improving slow response sensors – Illustrated by an ECC ozonesonde
L.-J. Huang, M.-J. Chen, C.-H. Lai, H.-T. Hsu, and C.-H. Lin
Performance of a Soft X-Ray Ionizer for Charge Neutralization In Electrospray Aerosol Generation
J.H.T. Scheckman and A. Zerrath
Laboratory calibration of a low-cost optical particle counter
A. Rappazzo, A. Nicosia, and F. Belosi
Pattern based clustering of raw single particle time of flight mass spectra for an improved, automated mass calibration
P. Reitz, S.R. Zorn, T. Gwisdorf, S.H. Trimborn, and A.M. Trimborn
An Aerodyne mini-AMS for UT/LMS measurements within the Civil Aircraft for Regular Investigation of the Atmosphere Based on an Instrument Container (CARIBIC) project
F. Rubach, M. Hermann, J. Schneider, A. Wiedensohler, and S. Borrmann
Data acquisition and processing along with surveillance, protection and validation of the measurement device by new software methods
A. Edfelder, M. Pesch, and A. Jaksch
Prediction and estimation inhalation intake of complex radioactive gas-aerosol mixtures (CoRGAM) in case of emergency response
A.E. Karev, A.G. Tsovianov, S.M. Shinkarev, A.I. Rizin, D.E. Fertman, N.V. Tsoi, and S.B. Chebushov
Integral Mobility Analyzer as a nanoparticle sensor for emission control
M. Alonso, J.P. Santos, M. Larrion, and C. Gutierrez-Canas
Development of a new particles deposition system on not-filtering substrates to perform corrosion studies
L. D'Angelo, M. Casati, V. Verdingovas, G. Rovelli, G. Sangiorgi, M.G. Perrone, C. Rizzi, E. Bolzacchini, R. Ambat, and L. Ferrero
Photothermal detection of spark-generated black carbon particles
J. Lee and J. Lee
Intercomparison of impactors for ultrafine particle sampling
A.S. Fonseca, N. Talbot, M. Viana, X. Querol, J. Kozáková, J. Ondracek, V. Zdímal, J. Schwarz, T. Vu, R. Harrison, and J.M. Delgado-Saborit
The Aerosol Chemical Monitor Calibration Center (ACMCC): a new facility for the quality control of ACTRIS-2 Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ACSM) measurements
E. Freney, O. Favez, V. Gros, J. Sciare, F. Truong, and T. Amodeo
Development and evaluation of nano particle sizer
H.-K. Lee, K.-H. Ahn, E.-H. Ram, G.-H. Lee, and Y.H. Park
Advances in flow modulated comprehensive GCXGC-MS at full sensitivity applied to profiling complex indoor&outdoor air samples
E. Sebastiani
Towards inexpensive 3-D printed Differential Mobility Analyzers
K. Barmpounis, A. Maisser, A. Schmidt-Ott, and G. Biskos
Pilot scale wet electrostatic scrubber for submicron particle removal
F. Di Natale, M.Giavazzi, L. Manna, M. Esposito, C. Carotenuto, M. Bailo, and A. Lancia
A heterogeneous condensation assisted three-phase bed column to remove submicronic particles
F. La Motta, F. Di Natale, A. D’Ascoli, M. Tammaro, and A. Lancia
Poster Session
Session: PMx

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A study for introducing multivariate synthetic indices in a receptor model
M. Ragosta, M. Pandolfi, and G.A. Giorgio
Modelling of both particle composition and size distribution from a background site in London
D.C.S. Beddows, R.M. Harrison, D. Green, and G. Fuller
How the driving conditions influence the road dust composition
G. Valotto, G. Rampazzo, F. Visin, D. Zannoni, F. Gonella, E. Cattaruzza, A. Glisenti, A. Quaranta, L. Lutterotti, G. Formenton, P. Tieppo, and G. Giraldo
Characterization of road dust collected in Venice mainland
D. Zannoni, G. Valotto, A. Quaranta, F. Visin, and G. Rampazzo
Influences of beehive firework displays on ambient water-soluble ions in fine particles
C.-C. Lin, K.-L. Huang, W.-Y. Lin, H.-L. Chen, C.-H. Chiu, J.-H. Tsai, and S.-J. Chen
The N stable isotopes from particulate ammonium nitrate: understanding of the atmospheric processes and the sources of PM10 in France
B. Golly, A. Barbero, J. Erbland, N. Caillon, O. Favez, J. Savarino, and J.-L. Jaffrezo
Source apportionment of chemically resolved PM2.5 and particle size spectra collected downwind of London Heathrow (UK)
M. Masiol, R.M. Harrison, T.V. Vu, S. Squizzato, and F. Visin
AIRUSE-LIFE+: 2003-2014 trends of PM10 and PM1 source contributions in Barcelona, NE Spain.
M. Pandolfi, F. Amato, A. Alastuey, C. Reche, N. Pérez, and X. Querol
A comprehensive source apportionment of submicron aerosols in Metz, France, by PMF²
J.-E. Petit, A. Ockler, O. Favez, T. Amodeo, F. Canonaco, D. Durant, D. Missler, and J.-P. Schmitt
Black carbon and particle number size distributions collected at an international airport located in an area affected by a complex emission scenario
M. Masiol, T. V. Vu, and R.M. Harrison
Chemical composition and source apportionment of daily winter PM2.5 in Modena, Po valley, Italy
A. Bigi, A. Piazzalunga, L. Pontoni, F. Pirozzi, S. Teggi, and G. Ghermandi
Emission sources in the Province of Brescia (Northern Italy)
M. Chiesa, V. Gabusi, I. Hoch, R. Zambianchi, and A. Ballarin Denti
Source apportionment of particulate matter from the port of Gothenburg, Sweden
S.M Gaita, F. Qvick D. Gall, J. B. C. Pettersson, E.S. Thomson, and J. Boman
Online measurements of composition and source apportionment at the Birkenes observatory, Norway
S.M. Platt, W. Aas, K.E. Espem, and M. Fiebig
Characterization of submicron aerosol in Prague by combined ME-2 factor analysis of AMS data
O. Makeš, P. Vodička, J. Schwarz, and V. Ždímal
OPC, anemology, gravimetric and speciative analyses for characterizing PM impacts on an inhabited area close to an industrial hot spot
A. Tolloi, S.C. Briguglio, G. Barbieri, M. Bellini, L. Liguori, I. Pellegrini, L. Colugnati, A. Pastrello, A. Semec Bertocchi, R. Bruno, A. Mistaro, G. Adami, S. Licen, and P. Barbieri
Source apportionment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban environment
N. Mishra, G.A. Ayoko, and L. Morawska
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Organic carbon, carboxylic acids and nitrate in atmospheric aerosol at Ny Alesund
R. Traversi, S. Becagli, L. Caiazzo, M. Chiari, G. Calzolai, D. Frosini, F. Giardi, F. Lucarelli, A. Lupi, M. Mazzola, B. Petkov, M. Severi, V. Vitale, and R. Udisti
Atmospheric aerosol and surface snow at Dome C (Antarctic plateau): a comparison of chemical composition from long-term continuous records
D. Frosini, S. Becagli, D. Karlicek, M. Marconi, M. Severi, R. Traversi, and R. Udisti
Characterization and transport processes of selected elements associated with atmospheric PM10 in the Arctic region (Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard Islands)
M. Malandrino, A. Giacomino, M. Arabia, O. Abollino, M. Grotti, S. Becagli, M. Severi, R. Traversi, and R. Udisti
Composition of Arctic aerosol size-segregated samples: insights on analytical methodology and results of the 2010 and 2011 campaigns
G. Calzolai, S. Nava, R. Udisti, S. Becagli, R. Traversi, D. Frosini, F. Giardi, L. Caiazzo, M. Chiari, and F. Lucarelli
Atmospheric aerosol properties at Princess Elisabeth station, East Antarctica: seasonality and indication of new particle formation
A. Mangold, H. De Backer, V. De Bock, A. Delcloo, C. Hermans, I. Gorodetskaya, P. Herenz, S. Henning, and H. Wex
First all year round measurements of Organic Carbon and Elementary Carbon in central Antarctic plateau: preliminary results of continuous 7-year long campaign
P. Fermo, A. Decaro, S. Becagli, D. Frosini, R. Gonzalez, R. Traversi, and R. Udisti
Seasonal changes of aerosol optical properties in the Svalbard region between 2000 and 2014
P. Pakszys and T. Zielinski
Complex studies of the role of absorbing aerosols on climate change in the European Arctic – project iAREA
T. Zielinski, K. Markowicz, T. Petelski, P. Pakszys, I. Stachlewska, A. Rozwadowska, T. Stacewicz, M. Gausa, S. Blindheim, J. Struzewska, J. Kaminski, Sz. Malinowski, M. Chilinski, J. Lisok, P. Makuch, P. Markuszewski, and A. Strzalkowska
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Better Upscaling and Optimization of Nanoparticle and Nanostructure Production by means of Electrical Discharges
F.E. Kruis and M. Stein